1000 Most Common Russian Words

This page continues the frequency list for 1000 most common Russian words and their English translations.

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Rank  Russian word   English translation   Part of speech
51.  знать to know, be awareverb
52. мой my, minepronoun
53. до to, up to, about, beforepreposition
54. или orconjunction
55. если ifconjunction
56. время time, seasonnoun
57. рука hand, armnoun
58. нет no, not, butnegation
59. самый most, the very, the samepronoun
60. ни not a, not, neither… norconj, particle
61. стать to become, begin, comeverb
62. большой big, large, importantadjective
63. даже evenparticle
64. другой other, another, differentpronoun
65. наш our, ourspronoun
66. свой my, our, yourpronoun
67. ну now, right, well, come oninterj, particle
68. под under, for, towards, topreposition
69. где whereadverb
70. дело business, affair, matternoun
71. есть to eat, to beverb
72. сам myself, yourselfpronoun
73. раз time, once, sincenoun, adverb
74. чтобы that, in order thatconjunction, particle
75. два twocardinal number
76. там there, thenadverb
77. чем than; instead ofconjunction, particle
78. глаз eye; sightnoun
79. жизнь lifenoun
80. первый first, front, formeradjective, number
81. день daynoun
82. тут here, now, thenadverb
83. во in, at; super, exactlypreposition, particle
84. ничто nothingpronoun
85. потом afterwards, thenadverb
86. очень veryadverb
87. со withpreposition
88. хотеть to want, likeverb
89. ли whether, ifconj, particle
90. при attached to, in the presence of, by, about; masterrussian, dot compreposition
91. голова head, mind, brainsnoun
92. надо over, above, ought toprep, verb
93. без withoutpreposition
94. видеть to seeverb
95. идти to go, comeverb
96. теперь now, nowadaysadverb
97. тоже also, as well, tooadverb
98. стоять to stand, be, stand upverb
99. друг friendnoun
100. дом house, homenoun

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Note: The frequency list is adapted from the frequency dictionary for the Russian language by Serge Sharoff.

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