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Meaning: two, couple

Pronunciation: [dvah]

Part of speech: number (cardinal number)

Rank: #75 (see frequency list)

Twice two makes four.
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 Example sentences:
  • Он жил в Итáлии два гóда.
  • He lived in Italy for two years.
  • Двáжды два четы́ре.
  • Two times two makes four.
  •  literal  Twice two is four.
  • У меня́ нé было двух рублéй.
  • I didn't have two rubles.
  • Кáждые два дня он éздил к отцу́ в больни́цу.
  • Every other day he went to the hospital to visit his father.
  • Чéрез два-три дня нам ну́жно бу́дет снóва идти́ за проду́ктами.
  • In a couple of days we'll have to go to buy food again.
  •  literal  In two-three days we'll have to go to buy products again.
  • Ты что, не слы́шал? Пéтя получи́л "два" за диктáнт.
  • Haven't you heard? Petia got a "D" for the dictation.
  •  literal  Haven't you heard? Petia got a "two" for the dictation.
  • Онá развелácь и остáлась однá с двумя́ мáленькими детьми́.
  • She divorced and stayed alone with two little children.
  • Расскажи́ мне о твое́й нóвой рабóте в двух словáх.
  • Tell me in a word about your new job.
  •  literal  Tell me in two words about your new job.
  • Моя́ кварти́ра в двух шагáх от роди́тельской.
  • My flat is nearby my parents' one.
  •  literal  My flat is in two steps from my parents' one.
  • Ты реши́л срáзу две проблéмы?
  • Have you solved two problems at once?
  • Он признáлся в любви́ двум дéвушкам одновремéнно!
  • He confessed his love to two girls at once!
  • Не мóжет быть: онá зарабáтывает в два рáза бóльше, чем я!
  • It's unbelievable: she earns twice as much as I do!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • в два рáза бóльше = twice as much
  • в два рáза мéньше = half as much
  • в двух словáх = briefly, in a word
      literal  in two words
  • в двух шагáх = nearby
      literal  in two steps
  • в два счëта = in no time
      literal  in two counts
  • ни два ни полторá = neither one thing nor another
      literal  neither two nor one and a half
  • чëрта с два! = like hell (you'll get it)!
      literal  for two devils!
  • мéжду двух огнéй = between the devil and the deep blue sea
      literal  between two fires
  • пáлка о двух концáх = it cuts both ways
      literal  a stick with two ends
  • нá два фрóнта = two works at the same time
      literal  for two battlefronts
 Related words:
  • две = two (feminine)
  • двóe = two (collective number)
  • двойнóй = double
  • двóйка = two (the worst mark at school)
  • двáжды = twice
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Два сапогá - пáра.
  • Two boots make a pair.
  • За двумя́ зáйцами погóнишься - ни одногó не поймáешь.
  • A bird in one hand is worth than two in the bush.
  •  literal  If you run after two hairs, you will catch neither.
  • Однá головá хорошó, а две - лу́чше.
  • A problem shared is a problem halved
  •  literal  Two heads are better than one.
  • Два рáза не умирáть, а одногó не миновáть.
  • You won't die twice, but you can't avoid dying once.

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