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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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to, towards, for

The train is moving towards the observer. Photo by cooldudeandy01 CC BY 2.0

  • По́езд éдет к нам.
  • The train is moving towards us.
  • Пойдëм к Петрóвым в гóсти - кóфе попьëм.
  • Let's go to the Petrov's house for a cup of coffee.
  • Петербу́рг нахóдится в семистáх киломéтрах к сéверу от Москвы́.
  • Saint Petersburg is situated 700 kilometers north of Moscow.
  • Сергéй Петрóвич, к Вам пришли́!
  • Sergey Petrovich, you have a visitor! (polite)
  • Ты хóчешь тóрта к чáю?
  • Do you want some cake with the tea?

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Word: стать
Meaning: to begin to, to take to, to become, to get, to grow, to pass away, to happen
Pronunciation: staht'

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Russian: Оргтехника. Канцтовары
English: Office equipment. Stationery


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