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Saturday, April 25, 2015

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friend, comrade, colleague, fellow

I decided to go to Suzdal to visit a university friend.
Photo by kyllaris, licensed under CC SA 2.0

  • Алексáндр - мой шкóльный товáрищ.
  • Alexander is my schoolmate.
  • Я реши́л поéхать в Cу́здаль к товáрищу по университéту.
  • I decided to go to Suzdal to visit a university friend.
  • Вчерá я с мои́ми товáрищами по рабóте был на корпорати́ве.
  • Yesterday my colleagues and I were at a corporate party.
  • Этих товáрищей сюдá никтó не звал.
  • These individuals were never invited.
  • Товáрищи! Я прошу́ тишины́! Мы начинáeм обсуждéние.
  • Comrades! Silence, please. We're starting the discussion.

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Word: оказаться
Meaning: to turn out, to be found, to prove
Pronunciation: [ah-kah-ZAH-tsah]

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Russian: Одежда
English: Clothing


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