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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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through, across, over

The dog is jumping through the hoop.
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  • Чтóбы попáсть в аптéку, ну́жно перейти́ чéрез дорóгу.
  • To get to the pharmacy you have to cross the street.
  • Мы прошли́ чéрез лес и пришли́ на платфóрму.
  • We walked through the forest and came to the platform.
  • Пóезд идёт в Крáков чéрез Варшáву.
  • The train goes to Krakow via Warsaw.
  • Я дóлжен закóнчить проéкт чéрез два дня.
  • I have to finish the project in two days.
  • Мóжно скачáть файл чéрез Интернéт.
  • You can download the file through the Internet.

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Word: через
Meaning: through, across, over
Pronunciation: CHYEH-ris

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Russian: Свежий хлеб
English: Fresh bread


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