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Learn Russian vocabulary in a fun, visual way. Simply look at an object to know how it's called in Russian. Quickly search for words in the Russian-English and English-Russian dictionary. Easy-to-read phonetic transcription and clear audio recordings will help you pronounce the words properly.

The Hotel Room
Russian hotel dictionary©
Russian vocabulary for Hotel accomodation covers such terms as "hotel room", "bed", "bathroom", "door key", "TV set" and a few others. Provided with audio recordings, phonetic transcription and English translations.

The Office Desk
Russian office desk dictionary©
Learn Russian words on the subject of the Office Desk, including "desk", "computer", "chair", "monitor", "lamp", "printer" and a few others. Pictures, audio recordings and English translations will help you memorize new office vocabulary.

Russian Restaurant
Russian restaurant dining dictionary©
This page will teach you the new Russian words for dining at the Restaurant, including "spoon", "fork", "plate", "glass", "bottle", "napkin" and several others. Accompanied with pictures, pronunciation and English translations.

Parts of the Body
Russian human body dictionary©
Get a clear picture of Russian words for parts of the body, including "head", "tongue", "eye", "leg", "hand", "stomach" and others. If you like to travel, the English translations, phonetic transcription and audio recordings are an excellent way to prepare for a possible visit to the doctor and be able to explain where it hurts in Russian.

Colors in Russian
Russian human body dictionary©
Let's make things more colorful by learning Russian vocabulary for colors. Start with the colors "red", "orange", "yellow", "green" and you will soon master all the colors in the rainbow and then some. The English translations, phonetic transcription and audio recordings are an excellent way to learn how to say the colors of the rainbow in Russian.

Street & Crossroad
Russian human body dictionary©
Learn Russian words that you may encounter when going around the city. It's always a good idea to learn a few street terms before your travel to Russia. Wouldn't it be easier to ask for directions if you already know such words as "bus stop", "traffic lights" or "intersection" in Russian? We thought you'd say yes, too!

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• 200+ images, including Cyrillic letters
• High-quality audio by native Russian speakers

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Word: лежать
Meaning: to lie, to be, to be situated
Pronunciation: [lee-ZHAT']
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Russian: Кондитерские изделия
English: Confectioner's


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