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Let's make things more lively by learning Russian terms on the topic of the City Street (у́лица). Just look at the pictures and learn Russian names for objects you may encounter outside at a crossroad. Then listen to audio recordings and practice saying the new words by yourself.

Russian word   Pronunciation English translation  
у́лица OO-lee-tsah street
пешехо́дный перехо́д pee-shee-KHOHD-niy pee-ree-KHOT pedestrian crossing
банк bahnk bank
фона́рный столб fah-NAHR-niy stohlp lamp post
светофо́р svee-tuh-FOHR traffic light
пешехо́д pee-shee-KHOT pedestrian
авто́бусная остано́вка ahf-TOH-boos-nah-yah ahs-tah-NOHF-kuh bus stop
авто́бус ahf-TOH-boos bus
почто́вый я́щик pahch-TOH-viy YAH-scheek postbox, mailbox
доро́жный знак dah-ROHZH-niy znahk traffic sign
кафе́ kah-FEH café
у́рна OOR-nah garbage can
зда́ние ZDAH-nee-yeh building
объявле́ние ahb-yeev-LYEH-nee-yeh ad, notice
кио́ск kee-OHSK / lah-RYOHK vending kiosk
го́луби GOH-loo-bee pigeons
маши́на mah-SHIH-nah car/vehicle
такси́ tahk-SEE taxi

Russian Street and Directions

When you know Russian street words, it will be easier to navigate around the city and ask for directions in case you get lost. The easiest way to find your way around is to ask Где...? (Where's...) and possibly follow with Покажите, пожалуйста, на карте. (Please, show me on the map.) Don't forget to check out the Russian picture dictionary to learn Russian words on other topics. Also, you may find more practical information in the Russian culture section.

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