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This page contains a collection of interesting educational tests about Russia, Russian language, people, history and culture. Pick the test you like and give it a try. Not only will you have a great time, but you'll learn something new about Russia at the same time!

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How well do you know Russia?
Russia factsolpol CC-BY-ND-2.0
Test your knowledge of facts about Russia, its history, politics, people, culture and cuisine. Upon completion, you will be rewarded a title based on your test results.

Russian Proficiency Test
Russian proficiency testWilliam Arthur Fine Stationery CC-BY-ND-2.0
Evaluate your Russian proficiency with a multiple-choice test that will check your Russian grammar and vocabulary. There are 46 questions in the test and you will be shown your level of Russian upon completion. This is an unofficial test provided for self-evaluation purposes only.

Russian Test: Food Vocabulary
Russian food vocabularyTomomarusan CC-BY-2.5
Check how well you know Russian words and expressions related to food and dining. This test consists of 15 questions and provides summary of your answers in the end.

Grammar Test: Cases of Russian Nouns
Russian grammar cases test© spaxiax
From the Nominative to the Prepositional case — Test your knowledge of six main Russian cases with this multiple-choice test for beginners. The answers are provided in the end.

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Word: солнце
Meaning: sun, Sun, sunlight
Pronunciation: [SOHN-tseh]
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Russian: Сбербанк России
English: Sberbank of Russia


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