Russian Numbers and Numerals

Ordinal Numbers
Ordinal numbers designate order in counting. They answer the question "which one?" For example, the phrases "the 5th day" and "the 8th word" use ordinal numbers. Like in English, Russian ordinal numbers are formed from cardinal numbers. However there are more endings you must know when speaking Russian as opposed to only four endings in English (-th, -st, -nd and -rd).

List of Russian Ordinal Numbers
Find out how to say ordinal numbers from "first" to "billionth" in Russian. This lesson shows Russian numbers along with their English translations.

Cardinal Numbers
Numerals (numbers) designate quantity or order in counting. They are divided into ordinal, collective, fractional and cardinal numbers. This lesson teaches the usage of Russian cardinal numbers that designate the number of people or things, and answer the questions "how many" or "how much?"

Collective Numbers
This lesson teaches collective numerals which are used to talk about a group of people or animals as a whole. You will learn how to form and use collective numbers in Russian.

Fractional Numbers
Learn how to say fractions in Russian, including decimal fractions. This lesson is best to learn if you already know both cardinal and ordinal numbers.

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