Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina: Side-by-Side Translation
This site provides a side-by-side Russian-English version of Anna Karenina, which is a great way to increase your Russian vocabulary. English translation by Constance Garnett.

War and Peace: Dual-language Translation
Enjoy reading Tolstoy's greatest novel in both Russian and English, side by side.

Anna Karenina
To practice your reading skills, here is the complete text of Anna Karenina novel in Russian.

The Last Days Of Leo Tolstoy
A chronicle of Tolstoy's last days written by his close friend and personal secretary Vladimir Chertkov. Available in English and Russian, including the text in original orthography.

War and Peace
High-quality online edition of the novel in Russian, English and Italian.

Images of Leo Tolstoy
Find Tolstoy's biography, commentary on his works, photos, and English translations of collected works like Thou Shalt Not Kill and Confession.

The "All Leo Tolstoy in one click"
There is a 90-volume electronic collection of works by Leo Tolstoy, including rare texts, letters, photos, and more. Website so far only in Russian.

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