Russian Verbs

Verb Lessons
A collection of lessons on Russian verbs covering such topics as tense, aspect, person and number of verbs. Perfect for beginners.

Verb Conjugations
If you need help with conjugations of Russian verbs then this verb dictionary will come in handy. It includes hundreds of conjugation tables for both regular and irregular verbs. All Russian verbs are conjugated into imperfective and perfective aspects, as well as the present, past and future tenses.

Verbs of Motion in Russian
Russian verbs of motion belong to a special category of verbs used to describe the means of transportation or ways of movement. This lesson teaches how to use such verbs of motion as "идти-ходить" and "ехать-ездить".

Russian Verbs of Motion
Feel the difference between Russian verbs "to go by foot" and "to go by vehicle" with this nice tutorial.

Verbs and their Conjugations
Learn two types of Russian verb conjugation and get some hints on using imperfective and perfective verbs.

Verb Tutorial
This tutorial covers topics on verb conjugation, tenses, aspect, suffixes, and accent patterns. From George Mitrevski.

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Word: лежать
Meaning: to lie, to be, to be situated
Pronunciation: [lee-ZHAT']

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Russian: Кондитерские изделия
English: Confectioner's


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