Russian Verbs Lessons

Verb Encyclopedia
If you need help with conjugations of Russian verbs then this verb encyclopedia will come in handy. It includes easy-to-conjugate regular verbs as well as irregular verbs that do not conform to the usual patterns.

The Infinitive
Learn about the initial form of the Russian verb that does not show the tense, person or number. This lesson is a must if you want to understand more complex concepts of the Russian grammar.

Conjugation of Verbs
Conjugation is one of the underlying concepts of Russian grammar. It refers to the changes that verbs undergo to agree with the person they are referring to. This lesson gives a brief introduction to the conjugation of verbs in Russian.

Future Tense
Future tense denotes that the action marked by the verb will happen after the moment of speaking. This lesson teaches Russian future tense verb forms.

Present Tense
The Russian present tense form is very simple. Take this lesson on usage and formation of the present tense in Russian.

Past Tense
The Russian past tense is used to talk about actions and situations which took place at any point in the past. This lesson will teach you how use and form the past tense of Russian verbs.

Verb Person and Number
Learn how Russian verbs change by person and number.

Aspect of the Verb
Aspect is probably the most difficult thing about the Russian verb.

Subjunctive and Imperative Mood
A lesson on the mood of a Russian verb, an underlying concept of how it changes in person, number or tense.

Usage of Russian Verbs
This table with examples summarizes the usage of Russian verbs in all grammatical tenses and aspects.

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