Top 500 Russian Nouns

Increase your Russian vocabulary the smart way by learning 500 most used Russian nouns. This page features a frequency list for Russian nouns along with their English translations and genders. Learning most common nouns early in your Russian study will help you to understand significantly more situations as compared to learning your nouns from random sources. For more information about nouns, please read lessons dedicated to gender, declension, and cases of nouns.

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Rank  Russian noun   English translation   Gender               
1. человек man, personmasculine
2. год yearmasculine
3. время timeneuter
4. рука hand, armfeminine
5. дело business, affair, matterneuter
6. раз time, once, sincemasculine
7. глаз eye; sightmasculine
8. жизнь lifefeminine
9. день daymasculine
10. голова head, mind, brainsfeminine
11. друг friendmasculine
12. дом house, homemasculine
13. слово wordneuter
14. место place; seatneuter
15. лицо face; personneuter
16. сторона side, partyfeminine
17. нога foot, legfeminine
18. дверь doorfeminine
19. работа work, jobfeminine
20. земля earth, land, soilfeminine
21. конец end, distancemasculine
22. час hour, timemasculine
23. голос voicemasculine
24. город town, citymasculine
25. вода waterfeminine
26. стол table, desk; boardmasculine
27. ребёнок child, kid, infantmasculine
28. сила strength, forcefeminine
29. отец fathermasculine
30. женщина womanfeminine
31. машина car, machine, enginefeminine
32. случай case, occasion, incidentmasculine
33. ночь nightfeminine
34. мир world, peacemasculine
35. вид appearance, look, viewmasculine
36. ряд row, linemasculine
37. начало beginning, origin, sourceneuter
38. вопрос question, matter, problemmasculine
39. война warfeminine
40. деньги moneyplural, all genders
41. минута minute, momentfeminine
42. жена wifefeminine
43. правда truthfeminine
44. страна countryfeminine
45. свет light; worldmasculine
46. мать motherfeminine
47. товарищ comrade, friendmasculine
48. дорога road, way, journeyfeminine
49. окно window, windowsillneuter
50. комната a roomfeminine

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Note: The frequency list is adapted from the frequency dictionary for Russian by Serge Sharoff.

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