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How to say "money" in Russian

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Meaning: money

Pronunciation: [DYEHN'-gee]

Part of speech: noun

Rank: #195 (see frequency list)

I have no money!
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 Example sentences:
  • Они богáтые, у них есть дéньги.
  • They're rich, they have money.
  • Всë нельзя́ купи́ть за дéньги.
  • You can't buy everything with money.
  • Что ты собирáeшься дéлать с таки́ми больши́ми деньгáми?
  • What are you going to do with this big sum of money?
  • Он бизнесмéн, он дéлает дéньги.
  • He's a businessman, he makes money.
  • У меня́ дéнег нет!
  • I have no money!
  • У нас слóжное отношéние к деньгáм.
  • We have a complicated attitude towards money.
  • Почему́ вы всë врéмя говори́те о деньгáх?
  • Why are you always talking about money?
  • Ты сегóдня при деньгáх?
  • Have you got any money today?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • бумáжные дéньги = paper money
  • нали́чные дéньги = cash
  • мéлкие дéньги = change
  • дéлать дéньги = make money
  • ни за каки́е дéньги = not for anything in the world
  • при деньгáх = to have money
 Related words:
  • деньжáта = money (colloquial speech)
  • дéнежки = money (colloquial speech)
  • деньжи́ща = big money (slang)
  • банкнóта = bank note
  • монéта = сoin
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Дéнег ку́ры не клюю́т.
  • He's got money to burn.
  •  literal  Chickens don't peck his money.
  • Деньги счёт любят.
  • One has to be careful with money.
  •  literal  Money loves to be counted.
  • Где дéньги говоря́т, там прáвда молчи́т.
  •  literal  Where the money talks, the truth is silent.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
Nominative(plural only)де́ньги
Genitive(plural only)де́нег
Dative(plural only)деньга́м
Accusative(plural only)де́ньги
Instrumental(plural only)деньга́ми
Prepositional(plural only)деньга́х

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