1000 Most Common Russian Words

This page provides the frequency list of 1000 most common Russian words and their English translations. Learning most used words early in your Russian study will have a significant impact on your mastery of the Russian language. According to statistical analysis of contemporary Russian texts, knowing the first thousand of most frequent lemmas will enable you to recognize nearly 65% of the Russian word forms.

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Rank Russian word   English translation   Part of speech
1.и and, thoughconjunction
2. в in, atpreposition
3. не notparticle
4. он hepronoun
5. на on, it, at, topreposition
6. я Ipronoun
7. что what, that, whyсonjunction, pronoun
8. тот thatadjective, pronoun
9. быть to beverb
10. с with, and, from, ofpreposition
11. а while, and, butconjunction
12. весь all, everythingpron, noun
13. это that, this, itpronoun
14. как how, what, as, likeadverb, conj
15. она́ shepronoun
16. по on, along, bypreposition
17. но butconjunction, noun
18. они́ theypronoun
19. к to, for, bypreposition
20. у by, with, ofpreposition
21. ты you, thoupronoun
22. из from, of, inpreposition
23. мы wepronoun
24. за behind, over, at, afterpreposition
25. вы youpronoun
26. так so, thus, thenadverb
27. же and, as for, but, sameconj, particle
28. от from, of, forpreposition
29. сказа́ть to say, to speakverb
30. э́тот thispronoun
31. кото́рый which, who, thatpronoun
32. мочь be ableverb
33. челове́к man, personnoun
34. о of, about, againstpreposition
35. оди́н one, some, alonecardinal number, pronoun
36. ещё still, yetadverb
37. бы wouldparticle
38. тако́й such, so, somepronoun
39. то́лько only, merely, butadverb, conj
40. себя́ myself, himself, herselfpron, particle
41. своё one's own, my, ourpronoun, noun
42. како́й what, which, howpronoun
43. когда́ when, while, asadverb, conj
44. уже́ already, by nowadverb
45. для for, topreposition
46. вот here, there, this is, that'sparticle
47. кто who, that, somepronoun
48. да yes, butconj, particle
49. говори́ть to say, to tell, to speakverb
50. год yearnoun

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Note: List adaptation and English translations Copyright© 2009 MasterRussian.com. All rights reserved. The frequency list is adapted from the frequency dictionary for Russian by Serge Sharoff, used with permission.

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