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How to say "from, away from" in Russian

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Meaning: from, away from, because of, of, for

Pronunciation: [oht]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #28 (see frequency list)

These are the keys from my car.
 Example sentences:
  • На войнé мнóгие солдáты умирáют от ран.
  • Many soldiers die of wounds during the war.
  • Налéвo от меня́ - у́лица Тверскáя, напрáво - Истори́ческий музéй.
  • Tverskaya street is on my left, the History Museum is on my right.
  • Ты читáл прикáз дирéктора от шестóго декабря́?
  • Have you read the director's order of December 6th?
  • Когдá корáбль отплы́л от бéрега, онá замахáла рукóй.
  • When the ship sailed away she began waving her hand.
  • Рекá освободи́тся ото льдá в апрéле.
  • The river will become free of ice in April.
  • Эта пу́говица от твоегó зи́мнего пальтó?
  • Is this button from your winter coat?
  • От всéй души желáeм Вам счácтья!
  • We with you happiness with all our heart!
  •  literal  We wish you happiness with all our soul!
  • Это ключ от нáшей кварти́ры.
  • This is key from our flat.
  • Аэропóрт "Домодéдово" нахóдится в двадцати́ двух киломéтрах от Москвы́.
  • The Domodedovo airport is situated in 22 kilometers away from Moscow.
  • От Москвы́ до Ки́ева поездá хóдят регуля́рно.
  • Trains from Moscow to Kiev go regularly.
  • Летом мы живëм в мáленьком городкé недалекó от Сочи.
  • In summer we live in a small town not far from Sochi.
  • Мы узнáли об э́том от негó.
  • We found out about it from him.
  • У Вас есть лекáрство от головнóй бóли?
  • Do you have something for headache?
  •  literal  Do you have a medicine for headache?
  • Онá покраснéла от стыдá.
  • She turned red with shame.
  • Я получи́л имэйл от мáмы.
  • I've got an e-mail from my mom.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • от всeгó сéрдца, от всей души́ = with all one's heart
  • год от гóдa = with every passing year
  • дéнь ото дня = with every passing day
  • врéмя от врéмени = from time to time
 Related words:
  • прóтив = against, for
  • из-за = because of
  • ото = from, away, because of, for
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • От мëртвого ослá у́ши.
  • Nothing.
  •  literal  Ears of a dead donkey.
  • От добрá добрá не и́щут.
  • The best is the enemy of the good
  •  literal  One shouldn't look for good things in already good things.
  • От сумы́ да от тюрьмы́ не зарекáйся.
  • No one can be safe from poverty or prison.

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