Russian Names

Russian Names For Girls
90 most widely used Russian names for girls, shown in Russian and English.

Russian Names For Boys
A list of 90 first names for boys most widely used nowadays in Russia.

Russian Names and Nicknames
This page explains Russian naming conventions and lists Russian male and female names with diminutives, short form and familiar form.

How to Write Russian Names in English
If you’re struggling to change Russian names into English, then this article is for you.

Tender Names of Your Lady
Russians have a lot of pet names derived from their first "official" name. Here you can read and listen to tender pet names for ladies, compiled by Alexander Korjev.

Fun Surnames
It's just worth reading! Articles on the funniest surnames you can ever meet in Russia. In Russian only.

Change Your Name
Information on when, where and how a Russian can change his or her name. In Russian only.

Etymology of First Names
This program explains origin and meaning of 990 Russian names, reports their psychoemotional influence, and shows the "name number" (178 KB, PC freeware).

Russian Saints
Names and general information on Russian saints.


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Meaning: any, each, every
Pronunciation: [lyoo-BOY]

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