Popular Russian Names For Girls

You may know from books and movies that Russians have three names. The first name is a given name like Жанна or Сергей. The second name is a patronymic. Finally, there is a family name or surname. The following list includes 90 first names for girls most widely used nowadays in Russia.

Russian name Pronunciation Non-Russian
Александра ahleekSAHNdrah Alexandra
Алина ahLEEnah Alina
Алиса ahLEEsah Alisa
Алла AHLla Alla
Алёна ahLYOnah Alyona
Альбина ahl'BEEnah Albina
Анастасия ahnahstahSEEya Anastasiya
Анна AHNna Anna
Антонина ahntahNEEnah Antonina
Анжелика ahnzhiLEEkah Anzhelika
Анфиса ahFEEsah Anfisa

- В -
Вера VYEHrah Vera
Валерия vahLYEHreeyah Valeriya
Варвара vahrVAHRrah Varvara
Василиса vahseeLEEsah Vasilisa
Владлена VLAHDlyehnah Vladlena
Вероника veerahNEEkah Veronika
Валентина vahleenTEEnah Valentina
Виктория veekTOreeya Viktoriya

- Г, Д -
Галина gahLEEnah Galina
Дарья DAHRya Darya
Дина DEEnah Dina
Диана deeAHNA Diana
Доминика dahmeeNEEkah Dominika

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