Popular Russian Names For Boys

Russians have three names: the first or given name (имя), the surname or family name (фамилия), and patronymic (отчество). The following list includes 90 first names for boys most widely used nowadays in Russia. You can use them by their own or to form a patronymic. A patronymic is formed from the father's first name with the help of the endings -ович and -евич for boys, and -овна and -евна for girls. For example, if Anatoly's father is Viktor, he will be called Анатолий Викторович.

Russian name Pronunciation Non-Russian
Абрам ahbRAHM Abram
Александр ahlyekSAHNDR Alexander
Алексей ahlyekSYEY Alexei
Альберт ahlBYERT Albert
Анатолий ahnahTOleey Anatoly
Андрей anDRYEY Andrei
Антон ahnTON Anton
Аркадий ahrKAHdeey Arkady
Арсений ahrSYEneey Arseny
Артём ahrTYOM Artyom
Артур ahrTOOR Artur
Афанасий ahfahNAHseey Afanasy

- Б -
Богдан bogDAHN Bogdan
Борис boREES Boris

- В -
Вадим vahDEEM Vadim
Валентин vahlyenTEEN Valentin
Валерий vahLYEreey Valery
Василий vahSEEleey Vasily
Вениамин vyeneeahMEEN Veniamin
Виктор VEEKtor Viktor
Виталий veeTAHleey Vitaly
Влад VLAHD Vlad
Владимир vlahDEEmeer Vladimir
Владислав vlahdeeSLAHV Vladislav
Всеволод VSYEvolod Vsevolod
Вячеслав vyachyesLAHV Vyacheslav

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