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How to say "we" in Russian

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Meaning: we, us (in grammar cases)

Pronunciation: [mi]

Part of speech: pronoun

Rank: #23 (see frequency list)

We are friends.
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 Example sentences:
  • Зáвтра мы бу́дем в Москвé.
  • We'll be in Moscow tomorrow.
  • У нас есть большáя собáка.
  • We have a big dog.
  • Ты рáзве отдáл нам ключи́?
  • Did you really give us the keys back?
  • Я не понимáю, чтó он от нас хóчет.
  • I don't understand what he wants from us.
  • Заходи́ к нам в гócти - поболтáем.
  • Come to see us, we'll have a chat. (informal)
  •  literal  Come to us as a guest - we'll chat.
  • Они́ реши́ли поéхать на óзеро с нáми.
  • They decided to go to the lake with us.
  • Я ду́маю о нас, о нáших отношéниях.
  • I'm thinking about us, about our relations.
  • Мы с пáпой вчерá весь день убирáлись.
  • My dad and I were cleaning up the flat.
  •  literal  We with dad were cleaning up the flat all day yesterday.
  • У нас с сестрóй был грипп.
  • My sister and I had a flu.
  •  literal  At us with sister was a flu.
  • Мы с вáми где-то встречáлись.
  • We've met somewhere before.
  •  literal  We with you met somewhere.
  • Мы сказáли, что биогрáфия э́того áвтора чрезвычáйно интерécна.
  • We've mentioned that the biography of this author is extremely interesting.
  •  literal  We've said that the biography of this author is extremely interesting.
  • Поду́маешь экзáмен! Это нам не стрáшно!
  • Ok, an exam, so what! I'm not afraid of it!
  •  literal  You think, exam! We're not afraid of it!
  • Ну, как мы себя́ чу́вствуем?
  • So, how are you feeling?
  •  literal  So, how are we feeling?
  • Ты читáл ромáн Е.Замя́тина "Мы"?
  • Have you read Zamiatin's novel "We"?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • э́то нас не касáется = it's not our business
      literal  it doesn't touch us
  • нам э́то извécтно = we're aware of it
      literal  it's know to us
  • мéжду нáми говоря́ = between you and me
      literal  between us talking
 Related words:
  • наш = our, ours
  • я = I
  • ты = you
  • он, онá = he, she, it
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Все мы лю́ди, все человéки.
  • All the people have their own defects.
  •  literal  We all are people, we all are persons.
  • Мы бы поги́бли, écли бы не погибáли.
  • We'd have perished if we hadn't been killed at war.
  •  literal  We'd have perished if we hadn't perished.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):

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