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How to say "would" in Russian

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Meaning: would, could have, subjunctive particle, concession particle

Pronunciation: [bih]

Part of speech: particle

Rank: #37 (see frequency list)

We would like a double room.
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 Example sentences:
  • Я бы поéхал в Калинингрáд.
  • I would go to Kaliningrad.
  • Он мог бы сдать экзáмен.
  • He could have passed the exam.
  • На твоëм мécте я бы поменя́л компью́тер.
  • If I were you, I would have changed the computer.
  •  literal  In your place, I would have changed the computer.
  • Éсли бы ты не уéхал в другóй гóрод, ты не нашëл бы рабóту.
  • If you had not moved to another city, you would not have found work.
  • Вчерá мне кто-то звони́л. Кто бы э́то мог быть?
  • Yesterday somebody called me. Who might that be?
  • Если б не он, я бы сейчác был ужé богачóм!
  • If it was not for him, I would be a rich man already.
  •  literal  If it was not him, I would be a rich man already.
  • Мы бы хотéли двухмécтный нóмер.
  • We would like a double room.
  • Натáша не хотéла бы, чтóбы еë cын был актëром.
  • Natasha would not like her son to be an actor.
  •  literal  Natasha would not like that her son was an actor.
  • Тебé бы отдохну́ть сейчác как слéдует!
  • You should get a good rest now!
  •  literal  You should rest properly now!
  • Хоть бы дóждь сегóдня пошëл.
  • I wish it rained today!
  • Мне бы чáю! На у́лице óчень хóлодно!
  • I would like some tea. It is very cold outside.
  •  literal  I would like tea. It is very cold on the street.
  • Кто бы ни пришëл, никому́ не открывáй!
  • Whoever comes, don't open to anybody.
  •  literal  Whoever would come, don't open to anybody.
  • Что бы ты ни говори́л, а я знáю, что он прав.
  • Whatever you say, I know he is right.
  •  literal  Whatever he would say, I know he is right.
  • Что бы ни случи́лось, я всегдá бу́ду с тобóй.
  • Whatever happens, I will always stay with you.
  •  literal  Whatever would happen, I will always be with you.
  • Как бы то ни́ было, он доби́лся хорóших результáтов.
  • Be that as it may, he has achieved good results.
  •  literal  Whatever it would be, he has achieved good results.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Как бы то ни́ было = Be that as it may
      literal  Whatever it would be
  • Чегó бы э́то ни стóило = At all costs
      literal  Whatever it would cost
  • Что бы ни случи́лось = Whatever happens
      literal  Whatever would happen
  • Во что бы то ни стáло = At all costs
      literal  Whatever it would happen
 Related words:
  • éсли = if
  • хоть = at least, I wish
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Нé было бы счácтья, да несчácтье помоглó.
  • Sweet are the uses of adversity.
  •  literal  There would not be happiness, but misfortune helped.
  • Éсли бы да кабы - во рту вы́росли грибы́
  • If ifs and ans were pots and pans.
  •  literal  If if, mushrooms grew in your mouth.
  • Был бы пирóг, найдëтся и едóк.
  • If there is a pie, there will be its eater.
  • Был бы ум, бу́дет и рубль.
  • If you are intelligent, you will have money.
  •  literal  If you have intellect, you will have a rouble.

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