1000 Most Common Russian Words

This page continues the frequency list for 1000 most common Russian words and their English translations.

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Rank  Russian word   English translation   Part of speech
151. пока for the presentadverb
152. хорошо well (see #114)adverb
153. давать to give; let, allowverb
154. вода waternoun
155. более moreadverb
156. хотя althoughconjunction
157. всегда alwaysadverb
158. второй secondordinal number
159. куда where, what for, muchadverb
160. пойти to goverb
161. стол table, desk; boardnoun
162. ребёнок child, kid, infantnoun
163. увидеть to seeverb
164. сила strength, forcenoun
165. отец father (see #918)noun
166. женщина womannoun
167. машина car, machine, enginenoun
168. случай case, occasion, incidentnoun
169. ночь nightnoun
170. сразу at once, right away, justadverb
171. мир world, peacenoun
172. совсем quite, entirely, totallyadverb
173. остаться to remain, stay (see #297)verb
174. об about, of (see #34)preposition
175. вид appearance, look, viewnoun
176. выйти to go out, come out, appearverb
177. дать to give; masterrussian, dot comverb
178. работать to workverb
179. любить to loveverb
180. старый oldadjective
181. почти almostadverb
182. ряд row, linenoun
183. оказаться find oneself, turn outverb
184. начало beginning, origin, sourcenoun
185. твой your, yours (informal)pronoun
186. вопрос question, matter, problemnoun
187. много many, much (see #799)adverb
188. война warnoun
189. снова againadverb
190. ответить to answer, reply (see #404)verb
191. между between, amongpreposition
192. подумать to thinkverb
193. опять againadverb
194. белый whiteadjective
195. деньги moneynoun
196. значить to mean, signifyverb
197. про about, forpreposition
198. лишь only, as soon asadverb, conj
199. минута minute, momentnoun
200. жена wifenoun

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Note: The frequency list is adapted from the frequency dictionary for the Russian language by Serge Sharoff.

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