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How to say "war" in Russian

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Meaning: war, warfare

Pronunciation: [vigh-NAH]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #188 (see frequency list)

Grandpa, were you scared in the war?
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 Example sentences:
  • Я ненави́жу войну́!
  • I hate war!
  • Во врéмя войны́ они́ жи́ли в Ленингрáде.
  • They lived in Leningrad during the war.
  • Дéдушка, тебé бы́ло стрáшно на войнé?
  • Grandpa, were you scared at the war?
  • Чапáев cчитáлся в СССР герóем Граждáнской войны́.
  • In USSR, Chapayev was considered a Civil war hero.
  • Вторáя мировáя войнá унеслá огрóмное коли́чество жи́зней.
  • The Second World War took many lives.
  • Во врéмя войны́ он был солдáтом, а потóм стал офицéром.
  • He was a soldier during the war and then became an officer.
  • Когдá началácь войнá, он пошëл на фронт добровóльцем.
  • When the war broke out, he went to the front as a volunteer.
  • В 1939 году́ Гермáния объяви́ла войну́ Пóльше.
  • In 1939 Germany declared war on Poland.
  • Эти стрáны ужé давнó веду́т войну́.
  • These countries have been at war for a long time.
  • Конéчно, я отношу́cь к вóйнам отрицáтельно.
  • Of course, I have a negative attitude towards wars.
  • C утрá до вéчера у них дóма настоя́щая война!
  • They quarrel from early mornig till late in the evening!
  •  literal  From early morning till late in the evening they have a real war!
  • Вы читáли "Войну́ и мир" Толстóго?
  • Have you read the "War and Peace" by Tolstoy?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Граждáнская войнá = Сivil war
  • Холóдная войнá = Сold war
  • Пéрвая мировáя войнá = First World War
  • Вторáя мировáя войнá = Second World War
  • объяви́ть войну́ = to declare war
  • вести́ войну́ = to be at war
 Related words:
  • воéнный = military
  • мир = peace
  • би́тва = a battle
  • солдáт = a soldier
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • На войнé как на войнé
  • Everything can happen.
  •  literal  At war as at war.
  • Кому́ войнá, a кому́ мать роднáя.
  • There're people who profit from war.
  •  literal  For some it's the war, and for others it's their own mother.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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