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How to say "your" in Russian

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Meaning: your, yours

Pronunciation: [tvoy]

Part of speech: pronoun ("твой" is a singular form used to address people informally; compare to the plural form "ваш")

Rank: #185 (see frequency list)

Could I try your coat on?
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 Example sentences:
  • Э́то твой каранда́ш?
  • Is it your pencil? (familiar "you")
  • Мо́жно я приме́рю твоë пальто́?
  • Could I try your coat on? (familiar)
  • Кака́я твоя́ фами́лия?
  • What is your surname? (familiar)
  • Вчера́ я познако́мился с твои́м дру́гом.
  • Yesterday I met your friend. (familiar)
  • На твоëм ме́сте я бы сказа́л пра́вду.
  • I'd tell the truth in your place. (familiar)
  • Как там де́ла у твои́х?
  • How are your people? (familiar)
  • Э́то уже́ не твоë де́ло! Не вме́шивайся!
  • It's not your business already. Don't interfere! (familiar)
  • Сего́дня я ви́дела твоего́ с дру́жками.
  • Today I saw your husband with his pals. (familiar)
  •  literal  Today I saw yours with his pals.
  • Я-то зна́ю побо́льше твоего́!
  • I know more than you do! (familiar)
  • Дорога́я, по-мо́ему, у сы́на твой хара́ктер.
  • Dear, I think that our son has your character. (familiar)

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • на твоëм ме́сте = in your place
  • твоë де́ло = do as you like
      literal  it's your affair
  • не твоë де́ло = it's none of your business
  • твой = your husband
  • твоя́ = your wife
  • твои́ = your relatives
  • лу́чше твоего́ = better than you
  • бо́льше твоего́ = more than you
  • с твоë = the same as you
  • твоя́ пра́вда = you're right
      literal  the truth is yours
  • твоë сча́стье = you're lucky
      literal  your happiness
  • твоя́ взяла́ = you won
      literal  yours took
 Related words:
  • свой = one's own
  • мой = my, mine
  • его́ = his
  • еë = her
  • их = their, theirs
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Твой намëк мне невдомëк.
  • I don't understand your hints.
  • Мне не до́рог твой пода́рок, доро́га твоя́ любо́вь.
  • I don't appreciate your gifts, but your love.
  • Бу́дет и на твое́й у́лице пра́здник.
  • Every dog has his day.
  •  literal  There will be a holiday in your street someday.

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