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How to say "again" in Russian

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Meaning: again

Pronunciation: [ah-PYAHT']

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #193 (see frequency list)

Well, you've broken the cup again!
Photo by Bitterjug CC-BY-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Опя́ть ты опозда́л?
  • Did you come late again?
  • Опя́ть идёт дождь, ужа́сное ле́то!
  • It's raining again, it's a horrible summer!
  • Ну вот, опя́ть ча́шку разби́л!
  • Well, you've broken the cup again!
  • Что, опя́ть я винова́т?
  • So, is it my fault again?
  • Опя́ть же, что мы бу́дем де́лать с кни́гами?
  • So, again, what shall we do with the books?
  • Опя́ть-таки, я то́чно не зна́ю, каки́е там усло́вия.
  • Again, I don't know what conditions they offer there.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • опя́ть же = but again
  • опя́ть-таки = but again
  • опя́ть два́дцать пять = always the same
      literal  twenty five again
  • не опя́ть, а сно́ва = answer to a reproach of doing something bad more than once
      literal  not again, but once more
 Related words:
  • сно́ва = again (positive meaning)
  • ещё раз = once more
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Со́рок пять - ба́ба я́годка опя́ть.
  • At 45 women become pretty again.
  •  literal  At 45 a woman is like a berry again.

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