1000 Most Common Russian Words

This page continues the frequency list for 1000 most common Russian words and their English translations.

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Rank  Russian word   English translation       Part of speech
101. сейчас now, presently, soonadverb
102. можно one canpredicate
103. после after, afterwardspreposition
104. слово wordnoun
105. здесь hereadverb
106. думать to think; believeverb
107. место place; seatnoun
108. спросить to askverb
109. через through, acrosspreposition
110. лицо face; personnoun
111. что what, which, thatpronoun
112. тогда thenadverb
113. ведь you see, you knowconj
114. хороший good, nice (see #152)adjective
115. каждый each, everypronoun
116. новый new; modernadjective
117. жить to liveverb
118. должный due, properadjective
119. смотреть to look, watchverb
120. почему whyadverb
121. потому that's whyadverb
122. сторона side, partynoun
123. просто simplyadverb
124. нога foot, legnoun
125. сидеть to sitverb
126. понять to understand; realizeverb
127. иметь to have, ownverb
128. конечный final, lastadjective
129. делать to do, makeverb
130. вдруг suddenlyadverb
131. над above, overpreposition
132. взять to takeverb
133. никто nobodypronoun
134. сделать to do, make, finishverb
135. дверь doornoun
136. перед before, in front ofpreposition
137. нужный necessaryadjective
138. понимать to understandverb
139. казаться to seem, appear; masterrussian, dot comverb
140. работа work, jobnoun
141. три threecardinal number
142. ваш yourspronoun
143. уж really, alreadyadverb, particle
144. земля earth, land, soilnoun
145. конец end, distancenoun
146. несколько several, someadverb
147. час hour, timenoun
148. голос voicenoun
149. город town, citynoun
150. последний last, the latest, newadjective

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Note: The frequency list is adapted from the frequency dictionary for the Russian language by Serge Sharoff.

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