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How to say "afterwards" in Russian

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Meaning: afterwards, after

Pronunciation: [POHS-lee]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #103 (see frequency list)

After doing up the flat, it is really unrecognizable!
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 Example sentences:
  • Пócле поговори́м.
  • We'll speak about it later.
  •  literal  Afterwards we'll speak.
  • Что вы хоти́те дéлать пócле óтпуска?
  • What are you going to do after holidays?
  •  literal  What do you want to do after hoidays?
  • Рабóту мóжно закóнчить пócле.
  • You can finish work later.
  •  literal  It's possible to finish work later.
  • Пócле рабóты он ходи́л в спортзáл.
  • He used to go to a gym after work.
  • Позвони́те мне пócле трëх.
  • Call me after three o'clock, please. (plural or polite)
  •  literal  Call me after three.
  • Ну́жно принимáть лекáрство два рáза в день пócле еды́.
  • You have to take the medicine twice a day after meals.
  •  literal  It's necessary to take the medicine twice a day after meals.
  • Пócле шкóлы ты хóчешь поступáть в университéт?
  • Do you want to go to university after school?
  •  literal  After school do you want to enter university?
  • Пócле холодóв наступи́ла стрáшная жарá.
  • A terrible heat followed the cold weather.
  •  literal  After colds came a terrible heat.
  • Пócле ремóнта кварти́ра прócто неузнавáема!
  • The flat is really unrecognizable after remodeling!
  •  literal  After repair works the flat is simply unrecognizable!
  • Они́ нáчали рабóтать срáзу пócле тогó, как приéхали с юга.
  • They started working straight after they came from the South.
  • Он положи́л дéньги в банк, пócле чегó уéхал в круи́з.
  • He put his money into a bank, and after that he left on a cruise.
  •  literal  He put his money into a bank, and after that he went to a cruise.
  • Пócле всегó, что онá cдéлала, ей невозмóжно вéрить.
  • After all she's done, it's impossible to believe her.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • пócле всех = last
      literal  after everybody
  • тóлько пócле вас = only after you (сoming in somewhere)
  • пóсле всегó = after all; when all is said and done
      literal  after everything
  • пóсле чегó = whereupon
      literal  after that
  • пóсле тогó как = after (conjunctive)
  • расти́ как грибы́ пócле дождя́ = grow extremely fast
      literal  grow like mushrooms after rain
 Related words:
  • потóм = later on
  • до = before
  • пóзже = later
  • послéдствие = сonsequence
  • напослéдок = in the end
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Пócле нас хоть потóп.
  • After us the deluge
  • Пócле дрáки кулакáми не мáшут.
  • After death the doctor.
  •  literal  One doesn't raise fists after fighting.
  • Пócле дóждичка в четвéрг.
  • When pigs fly.
  •  literal  After raining on Thursday.

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