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How to say "in front of" in Russian

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Meaning: in front of, before

Pronunciation: [PYEH-reet]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #136 (see frequency list)

There was a car in front of the house.
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 Example sentences:
  • Маши́на стои́т пе́ред до́мом.
  • There is a car in front of the house.
  •  literal  Car stands before house.
  • Кре́сло стоя́ло пе́ред телеви́зором.
  • There was an armchair in front of the TV.
  •  literal  Armchair stood before TV.
  • Он встал пе́ред ней на коле́ни.
  • He kneeled before her.
  •  literal  He stood before her on knees.
  • Все неве́сты волну́ются пе́ред сва́дьбой.
  • All the brides are nervous before the wedding.
  • Ско́лько раз повторя́ть! Нельзя есть шокола́д пе́ред едо́й!
  • How many times I have to repeat it! You can't eat chocolate before meals!
  •  literal  How many times repeat! One can't eat chocolate before eating!
  • Тебе́ не сты́дно пе́ред роди́телями?
  • Aren't you feeling ashamed in front of your parents?
  •  literal  Are you not ashamed before your parents?
  • Пе́ред тем как вы́йти из до́ма, прове́рьте, вы́ключили ли вы все электри́ческие прибо́ры.
  • Before going out, check if you turned off all the electric devices.
  • Пе́ред "но" ста́вится запята́я?
  • Is a comma required before "but"?
  •  literal  Is a comma put before "but"?
  • Я бою́сь выступа́ть пе́ред тако́й большо́й аудито́рией.
  • I'm afraid of speaking before such a big audience.
  • Пе́ред на́ми больши́е пробле́мы, э́то я вам гаранти́рую.
  • There're big problems facing us, I'm quite sure of it.
  •  literal  Before us there're big problems, I guarantee it.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • пе́ред тем как = before
  • пе́ред лицо́м когó-либо = in front of smb
      literal  before smb's face
  • быть винова́тым пе́ред ке́м-либо = to be guilty towards smb
  • выступа́ть пе́ред пу́бликой = to appear before an audience
  • пе́ред обе́дом = before dinner
  • пе́ред едо́й = before meal, before dinner
      literal  before food
 Related words:
  • до = before
  • напрóтив = against; on the contrary
  • перёд = front, fore part (noun)
  • передовóй = foremost, leading
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Пе́ред сме́ртью не нады́шишься.
  • It's too late to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.
  •  literal  It's impossible to breath enough before dying.
  • И пëс пе́ред хле́бом смиря́ется.
  • Even bad people become better if you help them.
  •  literal  Even a dog сalms down with bread.

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