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How to say "suddenly" in Russian

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Meaning: suddenly, at once

Pronunciation: [fdrook]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #130 (see frequency list)

The light suddenly went out.
Photo by Horia Varlan CC-BY-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Вдруг вы́ключили све́т.
  • The light suddenly went out.
  •  literal  Suddenly they turned off the light.
  • Вдруг разда́лся крик, и я оберну́лся.
  • I heard a sudden shout and turned around.
  •  literal  Suddenly there was a shout and I turned around.
  • Она́ шла по у́лице, как вдруг на неё нае́хала маши́на.
  • She was going along the street when suddenly a car ran over her.
  • Нельзя́ измени́ть отноше́ния вдруг.
  • It's impossible to change a relationship at once.
  •  literal  It's impossible to change a relationship suddenly.
  • Почему́ всe вдруг наки́нулись на меня́?
  • Why am I being attacked by everyone all of a sudden?
  •  literal  Why did you all suddenly pounce on me?
  • A вдруг нас на тамо́жне не пропу́стят?
  • What if they don't let us through at the customs?
  •  literal  And suddenly they won't let us thorugh at the customs?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • как вдруг = when suddenly
  • все вдруг = all at once
  • а вдруг = suppose that, what if
      literal  and suddenly
 Related words:
  • внеза́пно = unexpectedly
  • неожи́данно = unexpectedly
  • сра́зу = at once
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Лу́чше век терпе́ть, чем вдруг умере́ть.
  • It's better suffering a century thay dying at once.
  • Не бы́ло ни гроша́, да вдруг алты́н.
  • Yesterday a pauper, today a king
  •  literal  I didn't have a half-copeck coin, but I suddenly received a three-copeck piece.
  • Не вдруг Москва́ стро́илась.
  • Rome was not built in one day.
  •  literal  Moscow wasn't built at once.

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