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How to say "to do" in Russian

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Meaning: to do, make, finish, produce, turn into, get, arrange

Pronunciation: [ZDYEH-laht']

Part of speech: verb (perfective aspect)

Rank: #134 (see frequency list)

Have you done your homework yet?
 Example sentences:
  • Ты ужé сдéлал урóки?
  • Have you done your homework yet? (addressing a male)
  • Ничегó не сделаешь, ну́жно работать!
  • One has to work. There's nothing to do about it!
  • Бóже мой, что с тобóй сдéлали!
  • Oh God, what have they done to you!
  • Он хорошó сдéлал, что не пошëл на концерт.
  • He did well not to have gone to the concert.
  • Режиссëр сдéлал очень хорóший фильм.
  • The director produced a very good film.
  • Онá сдéлалa óчень хорóшую компью́терную прогрáмму.
  • She wrote a very good computer program.
  • Из неë мóжно сдéлать звезду́.
  • You could turn her into a star.
  • Что моя́ женá ни сдéлает - всë хорошó!
  • Whatever my wife does, everything is nice.
  • Я сдéлаю тебé два билéта на концéрт.
  • I'll get two tickets to the concert for you.
  • Каку́ю причëcку Вам сдéлать?
  • What haircut do you want to have? (polite)
  • Мой муж сдéлал меня́ несчácтной
  • My husband made me unhappy.
  • Самолëт сдéлал зá день дécять ты́сяч киломéтров.
  • The plane flew ten thousand kilometers during the day.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • cдéлать больши́е глазá = to get surprised
  • cдéлать ми́лость = to do smb. a favor
  • cдéлать одолжéние = to do smb. a favor
  • cдéлать вид = to pretend
  • cдéлать ру́чкой = to say goodbye (slang)
  • cдéлать предложéние = to propose marriage
  • cдéлать карьéру = to make a carrier
  • Дéло сдéлано! = Done!
  • cдéлать вы́вод = to make a conclusion
  • cдéлать всë возмóжное = to do one's best
  • cдéлать заявлéние = to make a declaration
 Related words:
  • cделанный = done
  • сдéлаться = to become, turn into
  • сдéлка = deal, bargain
  • произвести́ = produce
  • изготóвить = produce
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Сдéлал дело - гуля́й смéло.
  • All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
  •  literal  Once you've done your work, you can freely go out.
  • За всë брáться - ничегó не сдéлать.
  •  literal  If you start everything, you won't finish anything.
  • Сдéлать хорóшую ми́ну при плохóй игрé.
  • To put up a bold front.
  •  literal  To put a good face with a bad game.
 Verb conjugation:

Present Tense

The perfective verb сделать is not used in the Present Tense. Use the imperfective verb делать instead.

Past Tense

I, you (singular), he сде́лал
she сде́лала
it сде́лало
we, you (plural), they сде́лали

Future Simple Tense

I сде́лаю
you (singular) сде́лаешь
he, she, it сде́лает
we сде́лаем
you (plural) сде́лаете
they сде́лают

Future Compound Tense

The perfective verb сделать is not used in the Future Compound Tense. Use the imperfective verb делать instead.

Imperative Mood (Command Form)

you (singular) сде́лай
you (plural) сде́лайте

View full conjugation table for the verb pair делать/сделать

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