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How to say "face" in Russian

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Meaning: face, front, countenance, person, individual

Pronunciation: [lee-TSOH]

Part of speech: noun (neuter noun)

Rank: #110 (see frequency list)

Face of a woman
 Example sentences:
  • Я хорошо́ по́мню его́ лицо́.
  • I remember his face well.
  • Она́ закры́ла лицо́ рука́ми.
  • She covered her face with her hands.
  • Мы сиди́м лицо́м к лицу́.
  • We are sitting face to face.
  • Анто́н поверну́лся лицо́м к сте́нке.
  • Anton turned his face to the wall.
  • Но́чью неизве́стные ли́ца угна́ли автомоби́ль.
  • At night, unidentified persons stole a car.
  • Юриди́ческое лицо́ зарегистри́ровано в Москве́.
  • The legal entity is registered in Moscow.
  • Неожи́данно он измени́лся в лице́.
  • He suddenly changed his countenance.
  • Он ничу́ть не измени́лся в лице́.
  • He kept his countenance unchanged.
  •  literal  He not slightly changed in face.
  • Лю́ди бы́ли нарисо́ваны ме́лко, так что лиц не разберёшь.
  • People were drawn very finely, so that you can't tell their faces.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • знать в лицо́ = to know by sight
      literal  know in face
  • от лица́ (+ genitive case) = on behalf of; in the name of
      literal  from person
  • лицо́м к лицу́ = face to face
  • физическое лицо́ = individual (legal term)
  • юридическое лицо́ = legal entity, juridical person (legal term)
  • первое лицо = first person (grammar); the head (of company, country, etc)
  • второе лицо = second person (grammar); deputy of the head of the company or country
  • третье лицо = third person (grammar); third party (legal term)
  • должностное лицо = official, officer, executive
  • перед лицом (+ genitive) = in the face (of)
  • [что-либо] к лицу [кому-либо] = [something] suits [someone]
  • действующее лицо = personage, character
  • частное лицо = individual, private person (legal term)
  • смотреть правде в лицо = to face the truth
      literal  to look truth into face
  • измениться в лице = to change one's countenance
      literal  change in face
  • лицо мужского пола = male person
      literal  person of masculine sex
  • очень важное лицо = V.I.P.
  • стереть с лица земли = to crumble smth to dust
      literal  to erase from the face of the earth
  • показать своё истинное лицо = to show oneself in one's true colors
      literal  to show one's true face
  • в поте лица = in the sweat of thy face; by the sweat of one's brow
 Related words:
  • лик = face, image
  • фасад = facade, front
  • облик = look, appearance
  • личность = personality, person
  • субъект = subject
  • лицевой = (adjective) facial
  • рожа = (colloquial) mug
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Что в сердце варится, то в лице не утаится.
  • Eyes are the window of the soul.
  •  literal  What is brewing in the heart, doesn't hide on the face.
  • С лица воду не пить.
  • A fair face may fade, but a beautiful soul last forever.
  •  literal  Not to drink water off the face.
  • Лицом хорош, да душой непригож.
  • Fair without, foul within.
  • Бел лицом, да худ отцом.
  • Wealth is poor substitution for a noble birth.
  •  literal  Rich by face but poor by father.
  • Хороший друг в лицо ругает, а за глаза хвалит.
  • Rebuke your friend privately -- praise him in public.
  •  literal  A good friend scolds you right to your face, but speaks well behind your back.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
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