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How to say "earth" in Russian

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Meaning: earth, the Earth, land, soil, ground

Pronunciation: [zee-MLYAH]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun (Just like in English, this word is spelled with the capital letter when it means the Earth as a planet. Otherwise it's not capitalized unless it is in the beginning of a sentence.))

Rank: #144 (see frequency list)

A collage showing soil and the planet Earth. These two words are pronounced the same in Russian.
 Example sentences:
  • В горшке́ суха́я земля́.
  • There is dry soil in the pot.
  • Земля́ враща́ется вокру́г Со́лнца.
  • The Earth revolves around the sun.
  • Мой сэ́ндвич упа́л на зе́млю.
  • My sandwich fell to the ground.
  • Земля́ потре́скалась от тепла́.
  • The earth has cracked from the heat.
  • Моряки́ уви́дели зе́млю на горизо́нте.
  • The sailors saw land on the horizon.
  • Родни́к бьёт из под земли́.
  • The spring gushes up out of the ground.
  • Я роди́лся и вы́рос на ру́сской земле́.
  • I was born and grew up on Russian soil.
  • Де́вушка поста́вила чемода́н на зе́млю.
  • A girl put the suitcase on the ground.
  • Диноза́вры исче́зли с лица́ земли́.
  • Dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth.
  • Во́здух па́хнет землёй и молодо́й траво́й.
  • The air smells like soil and new grass.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • упасть на землю = to fall to the ground
  • между небом и землёй = between heaven and earth
  • зарыть талант в землю = to bury one's talent
      literal  to dig talent into earth
  • земля горит под ногами = the ground is slipping from under one's feet
      literal  earth burns under feet
  • достать из-под земли = to leave no stone unturned
      literal  to get from under then ground
  • как из-под земли = suddenly; out of the blue
      literal  like from below the earth
  • как небо и земля. = as distant as the planets
      literal  as the heavens and the earth
  • сровнять с землей = to even with the soil
  • между небом и землей = between heaven and earth; in mid air
  • спустить с облаков на землю = to kill enthusiasm; to come back to earth
  • пуп земли = toy Napoleon; the pivot of the universe
  • стоять двумя ногами на земле = to have one's feet firmly planted on the ground
  • хоть земля тресни = at any circumstances; to stop at nothing
 Related words:
  • почва = soil
  • грунт = soil; ground
  • суша = land, dry land
  • пол = floor, ground
  • земляной = earthy
  • земляк = countryman, fellow countryman
  • приземлиться = to land
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Не земля плоха, а сеятель плох.
  • Bad is sower, not the land.
  • Земля не клином сошлась.
  • The world is large enough.; There are plenty of fish in the sea.
  • Как сквозь землю провалился.
  • Not a trace of smb.
  • Слухом земля полнится.
  • News flies quickly.
  •  literal  The earth gets filled with rumor.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
Instrumentalземлёй (землёю)зе́млями
Phrase recordings: Copyright(c) 2011 All rights reserved.
Word recordings: Copyright(c) 2006 Streit Goulnara, Streit Eric, Vion Nicolas. Copyright(c) 2007 S. Sakhno, N. Vion. Distributed under CC-BY.

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