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How to say "one can" in Russian

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Meaning: one can, one may, it is allowed, it is possible

Pronunciation: [MOHZH-nah]

Part of speech: predicate (word form doesn't change)

Rank: #102 (see frequency list)

Smoking is allowed here.
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 Example sentences:
  • Мóжно вы́йти?
  • May I go out, please?
  •  literal  Is it possible to go out?
  • Здесь óчень жáрко: мóжно откры́ть окнó?
  • It's very hot here, may I open the window, please?
  •  literal  It's very hot here, is it possible to open he window?
  • Мóжно мне включи́ть телеви́зор?
  • May I switch on the TV, please?
  •  literal  Can I switch on the TV?
  • Здесь мóжно кури́ть.
  • Smoking is allowed here.
  •  literal  One may smoke here.
  • Рáзве тебé мóжно есть ócтрое?
  • Can you really eat spicy food?
  • Мóжно ещë добáвить, что Москвá бы́ла оснóвана в двенáдцатом вéке.
  • One can also add that Moscow was founded in the twelfth century.
  •  literal  It is also possible to add that Moscow was founded in the twelfth century.
  • Мóжно сказáть, что они́ поссóрились.
  • One can say they fell out.
  •  literal  It is possible to say they fell out.
  • Мóжно мне морóженого?
  • Can I have some ice cream?
  •  literal  Is it possible (to have) some ice cream for me?
  • Мам, мóжно нам добáвку?
  • Mum, can we have a second helping, please?
  •  literal  Mum, is it possible to have a second helping for us?
  • Необхóдимо вы́полнить рабóту как мóжно лу́чше.
  • It's necessary to do the work as well as possible.
  • Я старáюсь рабóтать как мóжно бóльше.
  • I try to work as much as possible.
  • Напóмните мне о деньгáх, écли мóжно.
  • Please, remind me about the money, if possible.
  •  literal  Remind me about the money, if possible.
  • Назвáть брáта дуракóм! Как мóжно!
  • Calling her brother a fool! How can this be?
  •  literal  To call her brother a fool! How is it possible?
  • Как мóжно забы́ть, когдá день рождéния у жены́?
  • How is it possible to forget when your wife's birthday is?
  • Пáвел, ну рáзве мóжно так говори́ть с отцóм.
  • Pavel, how can you speak like that with your father?
  •  literal  Pavel, is it really possible to speak with your father like that?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • как мóжно бóльше = as much as possible
      literal  how possible more
  • как мóжно скорéе = as soon as possible
      literal  how possible faster
  • как мóжно лу́чше = as well as possible
      literal  how possible better
  • как мóжно рáньше = as early as possible
      literal  how possible earlier
  • мóжно добáвить = it may be added
      literal  it is possible to add
  • мóжно сказáть = one can say
      literal  it is possible to say
  • éсли мóжно = if possible
  • éсли мóжно так вы́разиться = if one may put it that way
  • как мóжно! = how can this be?
      literal  how is it possible?
 Related words:
  • ну́жно = it is necessary
  • запрещенó = it is prohibited
  • разрешенó = it is allowed
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Бы́ли бы ру́ки, а сдéлать мóжно.
  • One can mprove everything working.
  •  literal  If one has hands, one can do everything.
  • Где нельзя́ перескочи́ть, там мóжно перелéзть.
  • There're many different ways to solve a problem.
  •  literal  If there's a place you can't jump over, you can сrawl it over.
  • Мóжно попрáвить, да бу́дет ху́же.
  • One can't improve it anymore.
  •  literal  It can be improved, but it'll be worse.

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