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How to say "foot" in Russian

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Meaning: foot, leg

Pronunciation: [nah-GAH]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #124 (see frequency list)

Female legs, Photo 2004 (c) Matthew Bowden
 Example sentences:
  • У неё краси́вые но́ги.
  • She has beautiful legs.
  • Анто́н сел в кре́сло и положи́л но́ги на стол.
  • Anton sat in the chair and put his feet on the table.
  • У него́ боли́т нога́.
  • His leg hurts. (His foot hurts.)
  • Он усе́лся в кре́сло, заки́нув но́гу на́ ногу.
  • He seated himself into the chair with his legs crossed.
  • Под нога́ми тя́нется тропи́нка.
  • The path stretches under [one's] feet.
  • Но́вые боти́нки натёрли но́ги.
  • New boots rubbed [one's] feet sore.
  • На́до отсю́да но́ги де́лать.
  • [We] need to get out of here.
  •  literal  Need to make legs out of here.
  • Сего́дня я с шести́ утра́ на нога́х.
  • I've been up and awake since 6 a.m.
  • Она́ сиде́ла с нога́ми в углу́ дива́на.
  • She was sitting in the corner of the sofa with her legs tucked.
  • Макси́м положи́л рюкза́к под но́ги.
  • Maxim put the backpack under his feet.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • положить ногу на ногу = to cross one's legs
      literal  put leg on leg
  • закидывать ногу на ногу = to cross one's legs
      literal  throw leg on leg
  • вверх ногами = head over heels; upside down
      literal  [with] legs upwards
  • со всех ног = as fast as one can
      literal  off all legs
  • с головы до ног = from head to foot
  • идти в ногу (+ instrumental) = to keep pace (with)
      literal  go in leg
  • идти не в ногу = to get out of step
      literal  go not in leg
  • поднять всех на ноги = to raise a general alarm
      literal  raise everybody on legs
  • стать на ноги = to find one's feet; become independent
      literal  stand on legs
  • путаться под ногами = to mess across one's course
      literal  to meddle under legs
  • нога за ногу заплетается = to be falling off one's feet
      literal  a leg behind a leg plaits
  • Связать по рукам и ногам. = To bind somebody hand and foot
  • Твёрдо стоять на ногах. = To stand on one's own two feet.
  • уносить ноги = to take to one's heels; to pull foot
      literal  to carry legs [away]
  • Встать с левой ноги. = To get up with one's wrong foot foremost.
  • протянуть ноги = to depart this life; to die
      literal  to stretch legs
  • одна нога здесь, другая там = in a quick manner; immediately; fast
      literal  one leg here, another there
  • жить на широкую ногу = to live in grand style
      literal  to live on a broad leg
  • ни в зуб ного́й = to understand / know nothing; to be incompetent
      literal  not in a tooth with a leg
  • ноги в руки = in a manner when someone quickly summons his/her strength; starts something with a vigor
      literal  legs in hands
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Взяв руками, не отдают ногами.
  • Omittance is no quittance.
  •  literal  Having taken with hands, don't return with legs.
  • Земля горит под ногами.
  • The ground is slipping from under one's feet.
  •  literal  The ground burns under one's feet.
  • Конь о четырёх ногах, да и тот спотыкается.
  • A horse stumbles that has four legs.
  • Ложь на гнилых ногах ходит.
  • Lies have short legs.
  •  literal  Lies walks on rotten legs.
  • Волка ноги кормят.
  • A hound's food is in its legs.
  •  literal  Legs feed the wolf.
  • Посади свинью за стол, она и ноги на стол.
  • Ask a pig to sit at the dinner table it will put its legs on the table.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
Instrumentalного́й (ного́ю)нога́ми
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Word recordings: Copyright(c) 2006 Streit Goulnara, Streit Eric, Vion Nicolas. Copyright(c) 2007 S. Sakhno, N. Vion. Distributed under CC-BY.

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