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How to say "old" in Russian

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Meaning: old, ancient

Pronunciation: [STAH-riy]

Part of speech: adjective

Rank: #180 (see frequency list)

We have an old clock, but it still works perfectly.
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 Example sentences:
  • Пе́тя - мой ста́рый друг.
  • Petia is my old friend.
  • Моя́ ба́бушка уже́ о́чень ста́рая.
  • My grandmother is very old already.
  • У нас есть ста́рые часы́, но они́ ещё прекра́сно рабо́тают.
  • We have an old clock, but it still works perfectly.
  • Мы ме́дленно шли по ста́рому па́рку.
  • We were walking slowly through the old park.
  • Моне́та ста́рая, ну́жно отпра́вить её на эксперти́зу.
  • The coin is old, you have to assess it.
  •  literal  The coin is old, it should be sent to the assessment.
  • По ста́рому па́спорту вас не пу́стят за грани́цу.
  • They won't let you travel abroad with the old passport.
  • Он был ста́рым сварли́вым холостяко́м.
  • He was an old quarrelsome bachelor.
  • Не тро́гай ста́рую ра́ну!
  • Don't speak about my usual problems!
  •  literal  Don't touch my old wound!
  • Ну э́то ста́рая пе́сня! Э́то мы уже́ слы́шали!
  • Oh, that's an old story. We've already heard it.
  •  literal  Oh, that's an old song. We've already heard it.
  • Сейча́с всë не так, как в ста́рые времена́.
  • Nowadays everything it not as it used to be in old times.
  • Ах, ты ста́рый хрыч! Опя́ть в чужи́е де́ла вме́шиваешься!
  • Oh, it's you, old grumbler! Are you meddling in other people's matters again?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • ста́рая привы́чка = old tradition
  • ста́рая дру́жба = olf friendship
  • принима́ться за ста́рое = fall back into one's old ways
  • ста́рые и ма́лые = the young and the old
  • ста́рый стиль = old style (Julian calendar)
  • по ста́рой па́мяти = for old times' sake
      literal  for the old memory
  • ста́рая де́ва = old maid
      literal  old girl
  • ста́рая ве́ра = Old Belief
  • Ста́рый свет = the Old World
  • ста́рый хрыч = old grumbler
  • старó как мир = old as the hills
      literal  old as the world
 Related words:
  • стари́к = old man
  • стару́ха = old woman
  • по-ста́рому = as before
  • стари́нный = ancient
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Ста́рый друг лу́чше но́вых двух.
  • Old friends and old wine are best.
  •  literal  An old friend is better than two new ones.
  • Кто ста́рое помя́нет, тому́ глаз вон.
  • Let bygones be bygones
  •  literal  He who mentions the past, will lose their eye.
  • Ста́рый, что ма́лый.
  • The old are like the young.

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