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How to say "nice" in Russian

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Meaning: nice, well, good, ok

Pronunciation: [khah-rah-SHOH]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #152 (see frequency list)

Tulips smell really well.
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 Example sentences:
  • Я э́то хорошó знáю.
  • I know it well.
  • Ты хорошó вы́учил урóки?
  • Have you done your homework well?
  • Нам здесь óчень хорошó.
  • We're having a good time here.
  • Мне что-то не óчень хорошó.
  • I'm not feeling well.
  • Хорошó, что ты пришëл.
  • It's good that you've come.
  • Тюльпáны пáхнут óчень хорошó.
  • Tulips smell really well.
  • Их делá иду́т хорошó.
  • They're doing well.
  •  literal  Their things are going well.
  • Хорошó! Встречáемся в пять!
  • Ok, we're meeting at five.
  • Я получи́л "хорошó" по матемáтике.
  • I received a "B" in calculus.
  • Бы́ло бы хорошó, écли бы он приéхал.
  • It'd be good if he came.
  • Ну хорошó, я помóю посу́ду.
  • Well, ok, I'll do the dishes.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • вот хорошó! = that's fine
  • хорошó вам говори́ть! = it is all very well for you to say
  • всë идëт хорошó = everything is goind well
  • хорошó скáзано = well said
 Related words:
  • хорóший = good
  • лу́чше = better
  • нехорошó = bad, badly
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Там хорошó, где нас нет.
  • The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
  •  literal  The place seems to be good if we're not there.
  • Всё хорошó, что хорошó кончáется.
  • All's well that end's well.
  • Однá головá хорошó, a две - лу́чше.
  • A problem shared is a problem halved.
  •  literal  One head is ok, but two heads are better.
  • В гостя́х хорошó, а дóма лу́чше.
  • East or West, the home is best.
  •  literal  You fell well in somebody's home, but at your place you feel better.
  • Хорошó смеëтся тот, кто смеëтся послéдним.
  • He who laughs last laughs longest.
  •  literal  He who laughs last laughs well.

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