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How to say "wife" in Russian

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Meaning: wife, woman (old-fashioned)

Pronunciation: [zhi-NAH]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #200 (see frequency list)

My wife cooks well.
 Example sentences:
  • Моя́ женá хорошó готóвит.
  • My wife cooks well.
  • Недáвно мы с женóй бы́ли в Áнглии.
  • I've recenlty been to Britain with my wife.
  • Его жену́ все óчень уважáют.
  • Everybody respects his wife.
  • Поздрáвьте свою жену́ с Днëм рождéния.
  • Congratulate your wife on her birthday.
  • Они всегдá говоря́т о своих жëнах.
  • They always talk about their wives.
  • Их жëн нé было на прáзднике.
  • Their wives weren't present at the party.
  • У моéй бы́вшей жены́ тепéрь нóвая семья́.
  • My ex-wife has a new family now.
  • Прошу́ Вас, бу́дьте моéй женóй!
  • Please, be my wife! (formal, old-fashioned)
  • Тех, кто сражáлся на Войнé, мóжно назвáть слáвными жëнами Росси́и.
  • The women who participated in the War, can be called glorious Russian women.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • женá декабри́ста = a woman who does everything for her husband
      literal  a decembrist's wife
  • взя́ть в жëны = to marry
      literal  to take into wives
 Related words:
  • жëнушка = a wife (diminutive form)
  • моей жены = my wife's
  • жени́ться = to marry (used to say that a male marries)
  • жéнщина = a woman
  • супру́га = a spouse
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Муж и женá - однá cатанá.
  • Husband and wife have the same interests and views.
  •  literal  Husband and wife is the same Satan.
  • Где муж, там и женá.
  • Where there is the husband, there is the wife.
  • Женá не рукави́ца, с руки́ не сбрócишь.
  • A wife is not a mitten, you can't take her off.
  • Одному́ с женóю гóре, другóму вдвóе.
  • One can be happy or not happy with his wife.
  •  literal  One is unhappy with his wife, the other is even unhappier.
  • Без жены́ как без шáпки.
  • One feels unprotected without his wife.
  •  literal  Being without wife is like being without a hat.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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