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How to say "a lot of, many" in Russian

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Meaning: a lot of, many

Pronunciation: [MNOH-gah]

Part of speech: adverb (See #799)

Rank: #187 (see frequency list)

Nadya has a lot of books.
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 Example sentences:
  • В э́той ва́зе мно́го конфе́т.
  • There are a lot of sweets in this vase.
  • Э́той зимо́й вы́пало мно́го сне́га.
  • There's been a lot of snow this winter.
  •  literal  This winter fell a lot of snow.
  • Сего́дня у меня́ мно́го свобо́дного вре́мени.
  • Today I have a lot of free time.
  • Я не могу́ говори́ть сейча́с, у меня́ мно́го рабо́ты.
  • I can't talk now, I have a lot of work.
  •  literal  I not able to talk now, at me there's a lot of work.
  • С тех пор как мы гости́ли у ба́бушки прошло́ мно́го времени.
  • A lot of time has passed since our last visit to grandmother.
  •  literal  From those times as we were visiting at grandmother passed a lot of time.
  • Он лю́бит мно́го разгова́ривать.
  • He likes to talk a lot.
  • У На́ди мно́го книг.
  • Nadya has a lot of books.
  •  literal  At Nadya many books.
  • На конце́рт Лари́сы До́линой пришло о́чень мно́го фанатов.
  • A lot of fans came to Larisa Dolina's concert.
  • Ты задаёшь сли́шком мно́го вопро́сов.
  • You ask too many questions.
  • Э́тим ле́том я съе́ла о́чень мно́го клубни́ки.
  • I ate a lot of strawberries this summer.

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