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How to say "to answer" in Russian

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Meaning: to answer, reply, respond, be responsible for, be in charge of, meet

Pronunciation: [ah-TVYEH-teet']

Part of speech: verb (perfective aspect)

Rank: #190 (see frequency list)

The man has answered the letter.
 Example sentences:
  • Он отвéтил на письмó.
  • He answered the letter.
  • Отвéть за меня на экзáмене, а?
  • Please help me get an answer at the exam, ok?
  •  literal  Answer for me at the exam, ok?
  • Онa отвéтилa мне злóм на добрoту́.
  • She reacted inadequately to my kindness.
  •  literal  She answered with malice to my kindness.
  • Écли меня́ учи́тель спрóсит - я отвéчу
  • If the teacher asks me, I'll give an answer.
  • Ты у меня́ отвéтишь за разби́тое стеклó!
  • You'll assume all the responsibility for the broken glass!
  • Óчень хорошó, что ты прáвильно отвéтил на вопрóc!
  • It's very good that you've answered the question correctly! (informal)
  • Пропéла пти́ца, ей отвéтили други́е.
  • A bird sang, the others responded.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • отвéтить на вопрóc = to answer a question
  • отвéтить соглácием = to give one's consent
  • отвéтить откáзом = to refuse
  • отвéтить взаи́мностью = to reciprocate smb's feelings
 Related words:
  • отвечáть = to answer
  • отвéт = answer
  • отвéтный = reciprocal
  • отвéтчик = respondant
  • отвéтственность = responsibility
 Verb conjugation:

Present Tense

The perfective verb ответить is not used in the Present Tense. Use the imperfective verb отвечать instead.

Past Tense

I, you (singular), he отве́тил
she отве́тила
it отве́тило
we, you (plural), they отве́тили

Future Simple Tense

I отве́чу
you (singular) отве́тишь
he, she, it отве́тит
we отве́тим
you (plural) отве́тите
they отве́тят

Future Compound Tense

The perfective verb ответить is not used in the Future Compound Tense. Use the imperfective verb отвечать instead.

Imperative Mood (Command Form)

you (singular) отве́ть
you (plural) отве́тьте

View full conjugation table for the verb pair отвечать/ответить

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