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How to say "yes" in Russian

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Meaning: yes, right, really, let, and, but

Pronunciation: [dah]

Part of speech: conjunction, particle

Rank: #48 (see frequency list)

Yes, I'll come to the party.
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 Example sentences:
  • Да, я приду́ на вечери́нку.
  • Yes, I'll come to the party.
  • Да, ты, навéрное, прав.
  • Yes, you are probably right.
  • Мне звони́л Cáша? Да.
  • Did Sasha call me? Yes.
  • Ты купи́л хлéба, да?
  • You bought some bread, didn't you?
  •  literal  You bought some bread, right?
  • Чáшка на ку́хне, да?
  • The cup is in the kitchen, isn't it?
  •  literal  The cup is in the kitchen, right?
  • Да? А я ду́мал, ты ужé в Гермáнии.
  • Really? And I thought you were already in Germany.
  • Да... э́то иногдá случáeтся.
  • Well... it can happen sometimes.
  •  literal  Oh yes... sometimes it happens.
  • Да, не забу́дь взять дéньги.
  • Oh yes, don't forget to take the money.
  • Да, ещë хотéл сказáть кóe-что.
  • Oh yes, I wanted to tell you something else.
  • -- Да? -- Да, э́то Людми́ла.
  • -- Hello? (on the phone) -- Yes, it's Lyudmila.
  • Да ты что! Пря́мо не вéрится!
  • Oh really? It's just unbelievable!
  • Да сaди́сь ужé, сади́сь, не стой!
  • Come on, sit down finally, don't stand!
  • Да здрáвствует мир во всëм ми́ре!
  • Long live worldwide peace!
  • Я слу́шала-слу́шала да и засну́ла.
  • I was listening for so long and I suddenly fell asleep.
  •  literal  I was listening and listening and I fell asleep.
  • Я бы помóг тебé, да врéмени нет совсéм.
  • I could help you, but I have no time at all.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Вот э́то да! = Wow!
      literal  Here that yes!
  • Да ну? = Oh really?
  • Ну дa = Oh, yes, really,
  • Да нет = No (with a doubt)
      literal  Yes no
  • Да нет навéрное = Probably not
      literal  Yes no probably
  • Да прям(о) = Oh really? (I don't believe you)
      literal  Yes directly
  • Да ещë как! = Strongly, intensively
  • Да и то = Besides
  • Да и тóлько = Only
  • Ни да ни нет = Neither yes or no.
 Related words:
  • конéчно = sure
  • навéрное = probably
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Рад бы в рай, да грехи́ не пускáют.
  • The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
  •  literal  I'd be happy to go to go to paradise, but my sins won't let me in.
  • Мáленький, да удáленький.
  • Tiny but shiny
  •  literal  Small but mighty.
  • Хоть ви́дит óко, да зуб неймëт (И.А.Крылóв)
  • The girl looks fine, but she isn't mine.
  •  literal  Although your eyes are seeing it, you can't reach it with your teeth. (A.S.Krylov)
  • Мал золотни́к, да дóрог.
  • Think big go small.
  •  literal  Zolotnik (4.6 g) is small but expensive.
  • Да бу́дет свет!
  • Let there be light! (The Holy Bible)

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