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How to say "it" in Russian

This Russian word is one of the top 1000 words in Russian. The complete list of most common Russian words is available here.


Meaning: it, it is, this is, that is, these are

Pronunciation: [EH-tuh]

Part of speech: pronoun, particle (this word doesn't change form; don't confuse it with the demonstrative pronoun "этот", which has the same form in neuter singular nominative/accusative)

Rank: #13 (see frequency list)

This is a book.
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 Example sentences:
  • Э́то -- кни́га.
  • This is a book.
  • Кто э́то? Э́то мой брат.
  • Who is that? That is my brother.
  • Э́то он вы́играл соревнова́ние.
  • It was him who won the competition.
  • Как э́то всё случи́лось?
  • How did it all happen?
  • Что э́то за живо́тное? Э́то ехи́дна.
  • What kind of animal is this? This is an echidna.
  • Э́то о́чень интере́сно!
  • This is very interesting!
  • Кто́-нибудь ви́дел как э́то произошло́?
  • Did anybody see how it happened?
  • Я зна́ю как э́то ва́жно для тебя́, я бу́ду рад помо́чь.
  • I know how important it is for you, I'll be glad to help you.
  • Кто э́то? Я ду́маю, э́то друг Маши.
  • Who is it? I think it is Masha's friend.
  • Э́то твой после́дний шанс.
  • It is your last chance.
  • Я всегда́ знал, что э́то пра́вда!
  • I've always known that it is true!
  • Пожа́луйста, сде́лай му́зыку ти́ше. Э́то о́чень гро́мко.
  • Please, turn down the music. This is too loud.
  • Э́то была́ на́ша пе́рвая, но далеко́ не после́дняя пое́здка в э́ту интере́сную страну́.
  • It was our first, but not our last trip to this interesting country.
  •  literal  It was our first, but far not last trip to this interesting country.
  • Присма́тривать за ма́ленькими детьми́ - э́то о́чень не про́сто.
  • It is just not easy to look after little children.
  •  literal  To look after small children - this is very not easy.
  • Москва́ - э́то не то́лько столи́ца Росси́и, но и центр делово́й и све́тской жи́зни.
  • Moscow, it is not only the capital of Russia, but is also the center of business and social life.
  • Кто э́то? Э́то мой брат.
  • Who is this? This is my brother.
  • Э́то твой компью́тер? Да, мой.
  • Is this your computer? Yes, it's mine.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Что э́то с ва́ми? = What is the matter with you?
  • Что э́то вы? = What’s come over you?
  • Как э́то мо́жно! = How can you!
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