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How to say "on" in Russian

This Russian word is one of the top 1000 words in Russian. The complete list of most common Russian words is available here.


Meaning: on, at, to, into, for, by, over, upon

Pronunciation: [nah]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #5 (see frequency list)

 Example sentences:
  • На столе́ стои́т ва́за.
  • There is a vase on the table.
  •  literal  On table stands vase.
  • Я живу́ на у́лице Ле́нина.
  • I live on Lenin Street.
  • На ле́тних кани́кулах мы е́дем в Со́чи.
  • For the summer holidays we are going to Sochi.
  • Мой о́фис располо́жен на тре́тьем этаже́.
  • My office is located on the second floor.
  •  literal  My office [is] located on [the] third floor. (add one to US floor numbers in Russia)
  • Ты не ви́дел мою́ кни́гу? – Твоя́ кни́га на кни́жной по́лке.
  • Have you seen my book? - Your book is on the bookshelf.
  • На вечери́нке Па́вла я встре́тил своего́ дру́га Ива́на.
  • At Pavel's party I met my friend Ivan.
  • Я собира́юсь зако́нчить прое́кт на э́той неде́ле.
  • I'm going to finish the project this week.
  •  literal  I'm going [to] finish [the] project on this week.
  • На доро́гах Москвы́ ча́сто быва́ют больши́е про́бки.
  • There is often a huge traffic on the roads of Moscow.
  • Же́нщина де́ржит на рука́х ребёнка.
  • A woman is holding a baby in her arms.
  •  literal  Woman holds on hands [a] child.
  • Профе́ссор сказа́л студе́нтам вы́полнить упражне́ние на два́дцать пя́той страни́це.
  • The professor told the students to complete the exercise on page 25.
  •  literal  Professor told students [to] complete [the] exercise on 25th page.

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