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How to say "along" in Russian

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Meaning: along, through, on, after, by, according to, up to, till

Pronunciation: [poh]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #16 (see frequency list)

We go to the country house on weekends.
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 Example sentences:
  • Мы гуля́ли по Москвé.
  • We were walking around Moscow.
  • У тебя́ есть наш учéбник по геогрáфии?
  • Do you have our geography textbook?
  • Он отпрáвил тебé информáцию по мэ́йлу.
  • He's sent you the information by mail.
  • По телеви́зору была интерéсная передáча.
  • There was an interesting program on TV.
  • Я сдéлал э́то по егó совéту.
  • I did it according to his advice.
  • По оши́бке вы дáли ему́ не тóт конвéрт.
  • You gave him another envelope by mistake.
  • По утрáм я пью кóфе, а по вечерáм - зелëный чай.
  • I drink coffee in the morning and green tea in the evening.
  • По выходны́м дням мы éздим на дáчу.
  • We go to the country house on weekends.
  • Мы занимáемся по стáрому учéбнику ру́ccкого языкá.
  • We study using an old Russian language textbook.
  • Тáнки прошли́ по Крácной плóщади.
  • Tanks went through the Red Square.
  • У детéй кани́кулы с ию́ня по сентя́брь.
  • Children have holidays from June to September.
  • По пéрвое áвгуста я на рабóте.
  • I'm at work till the 1st of August.
  • По окончáнии экзáмена, бу́дет организóвана студéнческая конферéнция.
  • Upon completion of the exam a student conference will be organized.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • по прáву = by right
  • по прикáзу = by order
  • по прирóде = by nature
  • по происхождéнию = by descent
  • по áдресу = to the address
  • по оши́бке = by mistake
  • по егó винé = through his fault
  • по пути́ = on the way
  • по рукáм = done
  • по э́ту стóрону = on this side
  • жени́ться по любви́ = to marry for love
  • по стáрости лéт = due to old age
  • по плечу́ = can be done
  • пó уши в долгáх = up to one's ears in debt
      literal  up to one's neck in debt
  • по поря́дку = one after another
 Related words:
  • поэ́тому = so
  • по-мóeму = in my opinion
  • по-прéжнему = as before
  • до = till
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Цыпля́т по ócени считáют.
  • Don't count your chickens before they are hatched
  •  literal  Chickens have to be counted in autumn,
  • Cня́вши гóлову, по волосáм не плáчут.
  • It is too late to shut the stable-door when the steed is stolen.
  •  literal  Don't cry for your hair taking off your head.
  • По одéжде встречáют, по уму́ провожáют.
  • Never judge a book by its cover.
  •  literal  One is met according to his clothes, but seen off according to his intellect.

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