Top 500 Russian Nouns

This page continues the frequency list for 500 widely used Russian nouns and their English translations. The gender of each noun is marked as either masculine, neuter or feminine.

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Rank  Russian noun   English translation   Gender               
51. Москва Moscowfeminine
52. часть part, share, departmentfeminine
53. книга a bookfeminine
54. улица streetfeminine
55. душа soul, spiritfeminine
56. утро morningneuter
57. вечер eveningmasculine
58. пол floor; sexmasculine
59. народ people, nationmasculine
60. плечо shoulder, upper armneuter
61. бог godmasculine
62. взгляд look, glance; viewmasculine
63. палец finger, toemasculine
64. Россия Russiafeminine
65. история history, story, eventfeminine
66. мысль thought, ideafeminine
67. сын sonmasculine
68. лес forestmasculine
69. пора time; porefeminine
70. имя nameneuter
71. разговор talk, conversationmasculine
72. тело bodyneuter
73. стена wallfeminine
74. право rightneuter
75. старик old manmasculine
76. мама mummy, mumfeminine
77. путь way, track, pathmasculine
78. месяц monthmasculine
79. спина backfeminine
80. язык tongue, languagemasculine
81. сердце heartneuter
82. мальчик boymasculine
83. небо skyneuter
84. смерть deathfeminine
85. девушка girl, missfeminine
86. образ shape, form, imagemasculine
87. письмо letterneuter
88. власть powerfeminine
89. воздух airmasculine
90. брат brothermasculine
91. отношение relationship, attitudeneuter
92. система systemfeminine
93. квартира flat, apartmentfeminine
94. любовь lovefeminine
95. солдат soldiermasculine
96. хозяин master, boss, hostmasculine
97. начальник chief, head, superiormasculine
98. школа schoolfeminine
99. парень boy, fellow, guymasculine
100. кровь bloodfeminine

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Note: The frequency list is adapted from the frequency dictionary for Russian by Serge Sharoff.

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Word: путь
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Pronunciation: [poot']

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