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How to say "boy" in Russian

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Meaning: boy, guy, boyfriend, lad, chap, bloke

Pronunciation: [PAH-reen']

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #369 (see frequency list)

His friends are strong guys.
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 Example sentences:
  • Cерëжа - прекрácный пáрень.
  • Seriozha is a nice guy.
  • У тебя́ есть пáрень?
  • Do you have a boyfriend?
  • Егó друзья́ - крéпкие пáрни.
  • His friends are strong guys.
  • В то врéмя у меня́ ещë нé было пáрня.
  • I did not have a boyfried at that time.
  • У нас в клáccе совсéм нет парнéй.
  • There are no guys at all in our class.
  • Вчерá мы с парня́ми ходи́ли вы́пить.
  • Yesterday I went for a drink with the guys.
  •  literal  Yesterday we with the guys went to drink.
  • Ми́ша был рócлым и краси́вым пáрнем.
  • Misha was a tall and handsome guy.
  • Конéчно, Вóва же - свой пáрень!
  • Of course, Vova is an easy-going guy!
  • Пáрни, пошли́ у́жинать, ужé пóздно.
  • Guys, let's have dinner, it is getting late.
  •  literal  Guys, let's go to have dinner, it is already late.
  • Ты смотрéл фильм Скорсéзе "Слáвные пáрни"?
  • Have you seen the Scorsese's film "Goodfellas"?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • свой пáрень = easy-going guy
  • рубáха-пáрень = open-hearted guy
  • пéрвый пáрень на дерéвне = the cock of the village
      literal  the first guy in the village
 Related words:
  • паренëк = boy (diminutive)
  • мужчи́на = man
  • ю́ноша = young man
  • мáльчик = boy
  • дéвушка = girl
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Пáрень золотóй, да ру́ки гли́няные.
  • The guy is nice, but he can not do anything with his hands.
  •  literal  The guy is gold, but his hands are made of clay.
  • Хорóш бы ты, пáрень, а никудá не годи́шься.
  • Guy, you would be nice, but you are good for nothing.
  • Авось - пáрень дóбрый: и́ли вы́ручит, и́ли вы́учит.
  • "Perhaps" is a nice guy: or it rescues you or it teaches you.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
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