Top 500 Russian Nouns

This page continues the frequency list for 500 widely used Russian nouns and their English translations. The gender of each noun is marked as either masculine, neuter or feminine.

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Rank  Russian noun   English translation   Gender               
151. море seaneuter
152. гора mountain, hillfeminine
153. врач physician, doctormasculine
154. край border, edge; land, countrymasculine
155. река riverfeminine
156. мера measure, stepfeminine
157. действие action, effectneuter
158. вещь thingfeminine
159. ход movemasculine
160. боль painfeminine
161. судьба fate, fortune, destinyfeminine
162. причина cause, reason, motivefeminine
163. черта line, boundary; traitfeminine
164. девочка girl, little girlfeminine
165. волос hairmasculine
166. номер number, size, room, issuemasculine
167. глава head, chieffeminine
168. командир commander, commanding officermasculine
169. партия partyfeminine
170. проблема problem, issuefeminine
171. страх fearmasculine
172. бумага paperfeminine
173. герой heromasculine
174. пара pair, couplefeminine
175. государство Stateneuter
176. деревня village, countryfeminine
177. речь speechfeminine
178. средство means, remedyneuter
179. положение position, posture, condition, stateneuter
180. связь tie, bond; connection, relationfeminine
181. класс classmasculine
182. цель goal, object, targetfeminine
183. знать aristocracy, nobility, the élitefeminine
184. профессор professormasculine
185. господин gentleman, Mr.masculine
186. счастье happiness, luckneuter
187. дух spiritmasculine
188. план planmasculine
189. зал hallmasculine
190. директор director, managermasculine
191. память memoryfeminine
192. результат result, outcomemasculine
193. след track, footprintmasculine
194. бутылка bottlefeminine
195. условие condition, termneuter
196. ум mind, brains, intellectmasculine
197. процесс processmasculine
198. картина picture, paintingfeminine
199. центр centermasculine
200. будущее futureneuter

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Note: The frequency list is adapted from the frequency dictionary for Russian by Serge Sharoff.

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