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How to say "measure" in Russian

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Meaning: measure, extent

Pronunciation: [MEYH-rah]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #503 (see frequency list)

Сentimetre is a linear measure.
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 Example sentences:
  • Сантимéтр - мéра длины́.
  • Сentimetre is a linear measure.
  • Дéти, назови́те мне мéры плóщади.
  • Children, name the square measures.
  •  literal  Children, name the square measures to me.
  • Вáши успéхи в значи́тельной мéре зави́сят от Вáшей увéренности в себé.
  • Your success depends to a considerable extent on your self-confidence. (polite)
  • Жи́тели Афганистáна в пóлной мéре ощути́ли нехвáтку продовóльствия.
  • Afghanistan inhabitants experienced to the full extent the lack of food supplies.
  •  literal  Afghanistan inhabitants felt in full measure the lack of food supplies.
  • В такóй крити́ческой ситуáции ну́жно принимáть реши́тельные мéры.
  • In such a critical situation drastic measures have to be taken.
  •  literal  In such a critical situation it's necessary to take drastic measures.
  • Мы бу́дем помогáть вам в мéру нáших сил.
  • We'll be helping you as far as we can. (plural "you")
  •  literal  We'll be helping you to the extent of our abilities.
  • Во всëм нáдо знать мéру.
  • One has to know where to stop in all senses.
  •  literal  It's necessary to know the measure in everything.
  • По мéре тогó, как они́ богатéли, они́ станови́лись всë занócчивее.
  • As they were growing richer, they were getting more and more arrogant.
  •  literal  To the extent that they were growing richer, they were getting more and more arrogant.
  • Я, по крáйней мéре, мáтом не ругáюсь!
  • At least, I don't use swear words!
  • Он получи́л вы́сшую мéру наказáния.
  • He was sentenced to the capital punishment.
  •  literal  He received the capital punishment.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • мéры длины́ = linear measures
      literal  measures of length
  • мéры плóщади = square measures
      literal  measures of area
  • мéры жи́дкостей = liquid measures
      literal  measures of liquids
  • в значи́тельной мéре = largely, to a considerable extent
  • в пóлной мéре = to the full extent
      literal  in full measure
  • в извéстной мéре = to a certain extent
  • в мéру = within reasonable limits
  • в мéру (по мéре) возмóжности = within the limits of the possible
  • сверх мéры = excessively
      literal  beyond the measure
  • не в мéру = excessively
      literal  not in the measure
  • знать мéру = know where to stop
      literal  know the measure
  • не знать мéры = be immoderate
      literal  not to know the measure
  • по мéре того, как = as
      literal  to the measure that
  • по крáйней мéре = at least
      literal  for the least measure
  • приня́ть мéры = take measures
  • врéменная мéра = temporary measure
  • мéры предосторóжности = precautions
      literal  precautionary measures
  • чу́вство мéры = sense of proportion
  • ни в кóей мéре = not in the least
      literal  not in any extent
 Related words:
  • мéрить = to measure, to try on
  • мéрка = measure
  • мери́ло = criterion
  • примéрочная = fitting room
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Где мéра, там и вéра
  • The faith is where the measure is.
  •  literal  Where measure, there faith.
  • Всему́ нужнá мéра.
  • Everything needs a measure.
  • Хлéбу - мéра, а деньгáм - счëт.
  • Bread has to be weighed, and money, counted.
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