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Meaning: picture, painting, movie

Pronunciation: [kahr-TEE-nah]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #607 (see frequency list)

There's a picture on the wall.
Photo by Paradigm CC-BY-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • На стенé виси́т карти́на.
  • There's a picture on the wall.
  •  literal  The picture is hanging on the wall.
  • Мне нрáвятся карти́ны И.Левитáна.
  • I like I.Levitan's paintings.
  • На досу́ге он пи́шет карти́ны.
  • He does painting in his free time.
  •  literal  In free time he writes paintings.
  • Вчерá мы бы́ли на вы́ставке карти́н ру́сских худóжников.
  • Yesterday we were at the Russian painters' exhibition.
  •  literal  Yesterday we were at the exhibition of paintings of Russian painters.
  • Ты сам написáл карти́ну или купи́л?
  • Have you done the painting yourself or have you bought it?
  •  literal  You yourself wrote the painting or bought?
  • Пéред нáми открывáлись чудécные карти́ны сéверной прирóды.
  • We could contemplate wonderful landscapes of northern scenery.
  •  literal  Wonderful pictures of northern scenery were opening before us.
  • На карти́не изображенá молодáя жéнщина.
  • The painting portrays a young woman.
  •  literal  On the painting is portrayed a young woman.
  • Карти́на такáя: мы бóльше не мóжем выплáчивать креди́т.
  • The situation is like that: we can't pay the loan anymore.
  •  literal  The picture is like that: we can't pay the loan anymore.
  • Ты смотрéл послéднюю карти́ну Альмодóвара?
  • Have you seen the latest movie by Almodovar?
  •  literal  Have you seen the latest picture by Almodovar?
  • Карти́на идëт в нáшем кинотеáтре тóлько два дня.
  • They've been showing the movie in our cinema for two days only.
  •  literal  The picture goes in our cinema only two days.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • карти́на мáсляными крáсками = oil painting
  • таковá карти́на = such is the situation
      literal  such is the picture
  • нарисовáть карти́ну = describe a situation
      literal  paint a picture
  • написáть карти́ну = paint a picture
  • карти́на ми́ра = mentality; world view
      literal  world picture
 Related words:
  • карти́нка = small picture
  • карти́нный = pictorial, picture (adjective)
  • худóжник = painter
  • иллюстрáция = illustration
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