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How to say "target" in Russian

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Meaning: target, goal, aim, mark

Pronunciation: [tsehl']

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #572 (see frequency list)

Shoot at the target!
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 Example sentences:
  • Cтреля́й в цель!
  • Shoot at the target!
  • Какáя у тебя́ цель?
  • What is your goal?
  • Удар попáл в цель.
  • The strike hit the target.
  • Я могу́ знать, с какóй цéлью ты всë э́то дéлаешь?
  • May I know the purpose why you are doing all that?
  •  literal  May I know with what purpose are you doing all that?
  • Мы ужé у цéли: виднá верши́на.
  • We're already getting to the final point, you can see the peak.
  •  literal  We're already at [the] target, the peak [is] seen.
  • У меня́ я́сные цéли, котóрых я всегдá добивáюсь.
  • I always have clear goals that I always achieve.
  • Ceмëн задáлся цéлью вы́учить все европéйские языки́.
  • Semion is aiming to learn all the European languages.
  • Онá сдéлала э́то в свои́х ли́чных цéлях.
  • She did it to suit her own ends.
  •  literal  She did it in her own aims.
  • Я люблю́ броди́ть по у́лицам без цéли.
  • I like wandering along the streets without any purpose.
  • В цéлях обеспечéния безопácности движéния бу́дет ужесточëн контрóль на дорóгах.
  • In order to guarantee the road safety the road control will be toughened.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • попáсть в цель = hit the mark
  • ми́мо цели = wide of the mark
  • я́сная цель = clear objective
  • имéть цéлью = have for an object
  • преслéдовать цель = pursue one's object
  • стáвить себé цéлью = set oneself as an object
  • служи́ть цéли = serve the purpose
  • дости́чь цели = achieve one's object
  • отвечáть цéли = answer the purpose
  • задавáться цéлью = aim to
  • в свои́х ли́чных цéлях = to suit one's own ends
  • с цéлью = with the purpose
  • с еди́нственной цéлью = for the single purpose
  • в цéлях = in order to
      literal  in goals
 Related words:
  • целевóй = targeted
  • целеустремлëнный = purposeful
  • целенапрáвленный = purposeful, commited
  • задáча = aim, purpose, task
  • бесцéльный = purposeless
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Цель опрáвдывает срéдства.
  • The ends justify the means.
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