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How to say "village" in Russian

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Meaning: village, countryside

Pronunciation: [dee-RYEHV-nya]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #550 (see frequency list)

I was born in a village.
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 Example sentences:
  • Мы éдем в дерéвню э́тим лéтом.
  • We are going to the village this summer.
  • Фëдор всю жизнь прожи́л в дерéвне.
  • Fiodor lived all his life in a village.
  • Ты что предпочитáeшь, гóрод или дерéвню?
  • What do you prefer, city of countryside?
  • Я рóдом из дерéвни.
  • I was born in a village.
  • В Карéлии мнóго мáленьких деревéнь.
  • There're a lot of small villages in Karelia.
  • Не хочу́ я éхать в э́ту глуху́ю дерéвню!
  • I don't want to go to this remote village!
  •  literal  I don't want to go to this deaf village!
  • И в городáх, и в деревня́х говори́ли об э́той нóвости.
  • In towns and in villages they were discussing the news.
  •  literal  In towns and in villages they were speaking about the news.
  • Вся дерéвня сейчác пересели́лась в городá.
  • All the rural population has moved to the cities now.
  •  literal  All the village has moved to the cities now.
  • Онá пи́шет рабóту о бы́те росси́йской дерéвни.
  • She's writing a paper about the Russian village everyday life.
  • Ах ты, дерéвня! Опять нá ногу наступи́л!
  • Hey, you, yokel! You've stepped on my feet once more!
  •  literal  Hey, you, village! You've stepped on my feet once more!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • олимпи́йская дерéвня = Olympic village
  • на дерéвню дéдушке = without a precise address
      literal  to the village to my Grandad
  • дерéвня! = yokel!
      literal  village!
 Related words:
  • деревéнский = village (adjective)
  • деревéнька = small village
  • деревéнщина = yokel, village idiot
  • cелó = big village
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Что гóрод, то нóров, что дерéвня, то обы́чай.
  • Every town has its own character and every village, its own tradition.
  • Гóрод - цáрство, а дерéвня - рай.
  • Town is kingdom and village is paradise.
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