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How to say "doctor" in Russian

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Meaning: doctor, physician

Pronunciation: [vrahch]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #497 (see frequency list)

Both of them became doctors.
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 Example sentences:
  • Мой пáпа - врач, он рабóтает в поликли́нике.
  • My Dad is a doctor, he works in the clinic.
  • Он был прекрáсным врачóм.
  • He was a wonderful doctor.
  • Ты ужé вы́звал врачá?
  • Have you called to the doctor?
  • Cначáла онá рабóтала дéтским врачóм.
  • First she worked as a pediatrician.
  •  literal  First she worked as a children's doctor.
  • Ты рассказáл о своéй проблéме зубнóму врачу́?
  • Have you told the dentist about your problem?
  • Они́ óба стáли врачáми.
  • Both of them became doctors.
  • Мы хотéли бы поменя́ть участкóвого врачá.
  • We'd like to change our local doctor.
  • Он - óчень извéстный врач-рентгенóлог.
  • He's a very famous radiologist.
  • Я ужé расскáзывал тебé о нáшем врачé?
  • Have I already told you about our doctor?
  • В 1953 году́ Cтáлин нáчал "дéло врачéй".
  • In 1953 Stalin started the Doctors' plot.
  • Какóe лекáрство вы́писал тебé врач?
  • What medicine did the doctor prescribe you?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • дéтский врач = pediatrician
  • участкóвый врач = local doctor
  • воéнный врач = army doctor
  • зубнóй врач = dentist
  • вы́звать врачá = call to the doctor
 Related words:
  • дóктор = doctor
  • мéдик = doctor
  • врачéбный = medical
  • врачевáть = to сure
  • врачи́ха = female doctor (colloquial)
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Врéмя - лу́чший врач.
  • Time is the best doctor.
  • Боль врачá ищет.
  • Pain looks for a doctor.
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