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How to say "friend" in Russian

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Meaning: friend, buddy, mate, chum, amigo

Pronunciation: [drook]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun. The spelling "droog" may also refer to a Nadsat term for friend from A Clockwork Orange.)

Rank: #99 (see frequency list)

Anna, please meet my friend Slava.
Photo by slava, licensed under CC GA 2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Он мой лу́чший друг.
  • He is my best friend.
  • Познако́мьтесь! Это мой дру́г Андре́й.
  • Meet each other! This is my friend Andrey.
  • У него́ мно́го друзе́й.
  • He has a lot of friends.
  • Тепе́рь мы друзья́.
  • We are now friends.
  • Они́ лю́бят друг дру́га.
  • They love each other.
  • Они́ не мо́гут жить друг без дру́га.
  • They can't live without each other.
  • Я ча́сто игра́ю в те́ннис с друзья́ми.
  • I often play tennis with friends.
  • Они́ похо́жи друг на дру́га.
  • They resemble each other.
  • Мы никогда́ ни о чём не расспра́шивали друг дру́жку.
  • We never questioned each other about anything.
  • Ники́та обзавёлся бли́зкими друзья́ми.
  • Nikita acquired close friends.
  • Поли́ция изуча́ет круг друзе́й и знако́мых потерпе́вшего.
  • Police is exploring a circle of friends and acquaintances of the victim.
  • Я провёл неде́лю в до́ме её друзе́й.
  • I spent a week in the house of her friends.
  • Будь дру́гом, подожди́ меня́.
  • Could you do me a favor and wait for me?
  •  literal  Be a friend, wait for me.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • друг друга = each other; one another
      literal  friend [a] friend
  • друг против друга = against each other; opposite each other
      literal  friend against friend
  • друг за другом = one after another
      literal  friend after friend
  • друг с другом = together; with each other
      literal  friend with friend
  • близкий друг = close friend
  • закадычный друг = bosom friend, crony, chum
  • друг детства = playfellow, childhood friend
  • друг по переписке = pen pal, pen-friend
  • друг семьи = family friend
  • друг на всю жизнь = lifelong friend
  • верный друг = faithful companion; unfailing friend
  • Будь другом, ... = Could you do me a favor and ...
      literal  be a friend
 Related words:
  • дружо́к = pal, chummy
  • подру́га = female friend; girlfriend
  • подру́жка = girlfriend
  • друзья́ = (nominative plural) friends
  • друга́н = (slang) friend
  • прия́тель = pal, friend
  • това́рищ = comrade, pal
  • знако́мый = an acquaintance, contact
  • дружи́ще = bud, buddy, old fellow, old boy
  • дру́жба = friendship
  • дружи́ть = to be friends
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Друг до поры -- тот же недруг.
  • Better an open enemy than a false friend.
  •  literal  Friend till time -- same as an enemy.
  • Друга на деньги не купишь.
  • Money can't buy friends.
  • Друзья познаются в беде.
  • You learn who your friends are in bad times.
  • Верный друг лучше сотни слуг.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  •  literal  A faithful friend is better than one hundred servants.
  • Старый друг лучше новых двух.
  • Everything is good when new, but friends when old.
  •  literal  An old friend is better than two new friends.
  • Вдруг не станешь друг.
  • Before you make a friend eat a bushel of salt with him.
  •  literal  Suddenly won't become a friend.
  • Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.
  • A faithful friend is better than gold.
  •  literal  Don't have one hundred rubles, rather have one hundred friends.
  • Упаси меня Бог от друзей, а от врагов я и сам спасусь.
  • God save me from my friends.
  • Есть пирожки -- есть и дружки, нет пирожков -- нет и дружков.
  • When the trouble came all friends fell away.
  •  literal  There are pies -- there are friends, no pies -- no friends.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
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